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Many Questions, Few Answers in NY Cop Killing

by Mark Riley posted Dec 14 2011 10:00AM
The callous murder of NYPD officer Peter Figoski has filled New Yorkers will revulsion and rage. A 22 year member of the force and single father of four children, Figoski was by all accounts one of the good guys. The alleged shooter, Lamont Pride has a long rap sheet, as do the other four alleged players in this ugly, tragic drama.

Two separate yet connected pieces of information have come together to make Figoski's murder even more infuriating. Twice Pride was released from jail here in New York despite the fact that he was wanted for a shooting in North Carolina. Police here say that's because authorities in North Carolina declined to have him extradited. Of course, being released from jail twice means Pride was busted twice, once for possessing a knife in September and again in November for drug possession.

There will be back and forth between New York and North Carolina officials about who did what and who made mistakes. Here in New York, there's some heat being brought on Judge Evelyn Laporte of Brooklyn Criminal Court. She released Pride without bail and he didn't show for his next court appearance. Shortly after that, he met Officer Figoski in an East New York hallway.

Yet even as these questions and others get asked, the central one remains exposed but unanswered. How did Lamont Pride get the gun he allegedly used to kill Figoski? We do know where the gun originally came from. It's a place called Dance's Sporting Goods in Colonial Heights, Va. 21 years ago, a nine month old child named Rayvon Jamison was killed by a gun bought at that same store. Little Rayvon would just now be old enough to have his first drink, to vote, to serve in the US armed forces. Instead, he's just a memory, just a statistic.

In case you've forgotten, Virginia is the place where 33 people were killed in "07 at Virginia Tech, and where violence and death recently revisted that same campus. When will this gun madness in our country end?
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12/14/2011 10:00AM
Many Questions, Few Anawers in NY Cop Killing
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12/14/2011 3:31PM
NYC Cop Killing
If Lamont Pride is guilty beyond a shaddow of a doubt, sorry, but he deserves to be put to death.
12/14/2011 10:17PM
nyc cop killed
well cops kill unarmed folks they just getting what they did hey anyway they take on those jobs
12/15/2011 1:28AM
NYC Cop killing
"When will this gun madness in our country end?" Wow, what an idiotic question. Keep in mind that NONE of these person's who kill Cops and other citizen's especially in the commission of a crime, are LAW ABIDING upstanding citizens. We have the right to protect ourselves from these animals on the street despite objections from liberal weaklings. ALL of the bad guys have guns illegally don't forget that.
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