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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 24 2012 5:37PM

Mitt Romney has spent the past week lying that President Obama said small businessmen didn’t really build their own businesses. The Romney campaign’s main selling point about their candidate is a lie about Obama. What does that say about their product? It would be like if the only ad that Coke could come up with was that Pepsi causes blindness.

Now they’ve found a video of Mitt Romney in 2002, telling a group of Olympic athletes “You Olympians, however, know you didn’t get here solely on your own power.” Obama never has to respond to Romney. He can always just let Romney respond to Romney. Is there anything that Mitt Romney says that doesn’t come with a video clip of him earlier saying the exact opposite thing? It’s like Mitt Romney is some kind of subatomic matter that generates its own anti-matter. The video is very damaging to Mitt Romney. On top of what he says, he’s wearing an outfit that makes him look like an extra in an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Hey Mitt, Devo called. They want their clothes back.

A Mitt Romney supporter has come out with a music video for Mitt (see below). It’s the creepiest, most unnatural thing I’ve ever seen. What I’m saying is—it’s perfect for Mitt Romney. The song manages to work in Jesus, World War III, and a vicious slam at Obama, all in less than two minutes. And that includes a 40-second keyboard intro that would make Iron Butterfly wince. In one span of just a few seconds, the guy manages to rhyme “crock” with “got,” “elected” with “record,” and “crime” with “resign.” This video answers the question, whatever happened to Dr. Seuss’s crazy younger brother?

Senator Jon Kyl accused President Obama of talking “incessantly” about the middle class. You know, of all the charges hurled at Obama, that’s one I think he might want to admit to. On the floor of the Senate, Kyl said “we have a president who talks incessantly about class, particularly the middle class. Maybe you’ve noticed that.” Yeah, Jon. There’s an election going on. Maybe you’ve noticed that. Your guy Mitt Romney talks about the middle class incessantly too. The difference is that Obama means what he’s saying.

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07/24/2012 5:44PM
Liar, Liar Pants on Fire
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