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Let's Go Bombing!

by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 6 2013 5:50PM

Today President Obama spoke about the difficulties of enlisting international support for a strike on Syria. Obama said “Failing to respond to this breach of this international norm would send a signal to rogue nations.” But acting unilaterally is also a breach of “international norm,” and it makes us look like a rogue nation.

It’s not easy selling the American people on the idea of war. For one thing, you have to avoid usage of the term “war.” Hence, John Kerry says ‘I don’t believe that this is taking America to war’. It’s not really up to you though, is it, John? If Bashar Assad believes it’s war... then it’s war.

Obama’s job numbers for August were slightly below expectations. That’s fine—Obama’s foreign policy for August was way below expectations. Still, the economy added 169,000 jobs last month, as the unemployment rate fell to 7.3 percent. I don’t know how many jobs bombing Syria creates, but I doubt it’s any better than spending that money on improving bridges here.

George Zimmerman’s wife has filed for divorce. I would say that she deserves better, but I don’t think either one of them deserves better. She says “I have a selfish husband. And I think George is all about George.” If selfishness was the worst thing about George, we’d all be better off. For me, the “killing people” thing is SO much worse. She said that ever since the verdict, George has been “making some reckless decisions.” Wait a minute! She didn’t think the decisions he was making BEFORE that weren’t reckless?!?

Finally, Rush Limbaugh has written a book for young children. Now there is no reason why a pre-schooler shouldn’t be familiar with the basics of racism and woman-hating. Evidently the book involves “Rush Revere” taking a couple of children on a time-travel adventure to the first Thanksgiving. Now that’s unbelievable right off the bat—if Rush was at the first Thanksgiving, there would be no food for anyone else. Every November we would celebrate the day some loud-mouthed jerk stole everybody’s stuffing.

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09/06/2013 5:52PM
Let's Go Bombing!
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