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Justice Denied

by Mark Riley posted Jul 13 2013 11:05PM

I didn't know a verdict had been reached in the George Zimmerman murder case until I got home fairly late Saturday night. I must admit, I was wrong about this one. I actually thought six rational Americans would look at the facts and hold a person accountable for taking another's life without provocation. Apparently, America hasn't come nearly as far as we think we have. George Zimmerman was found not guilty.

Two words come to mind when contemplating this gross injustice; skin privilege. George Zimmerman, wannabe cop, vigilante, spun a story of self defense out of whole cloth and a jury believed him. One can't fathom what Tracey Martin and Sabrina Fulton are felling right now. There will certainly be a civil case, and maybe even the feds can be talked into bringing a civil rights violation charge.

Neither is good enough. George Zimmerman should have been found guilty by a jury of his peers.

There will be recriminations. Blame will be placed on the prosecution, that they didn't bring a strong enough case, that they didn't rebut the fanciful renderings of what happened to Trayvon Martin that February night last year. People will forget how long it took for George Zimmerman to be arrested and charged with a crime. That by itself spoke volumes.

It must be said that America had an opportunity to turn a corner, one just as important as the one turned when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. That jury, and the nation, had the chance to put right, in a small way, the years upon years when black life was considered cheap and inferior.

This verdict was that opportunity missed, and missed badly. The sad part is this. The justice system in a gun happy state has spoken, and we are left wondering what went wrong. George Zimmerman is free to enjoy the rest of his life, while Trayvon Martin is gone, gone at a time most American kids think about proms and graduations.

The travesty is unspeakable. 

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07/13/2013 11:05PM
Justice Denied
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07/15/2013 7:59AM
Well , we should not be shocked
I am of the opinion that no amount of evidence would of changed the result of this verdict. It is evident what was the mindset of these jurors were, we are hoping for too much when we expect people to be rational when it come to race issues.
07/16/2013 7:34AM
Uproot Racism
Uproot Racism - Tribute to Trayvon Martin and his loved ones At the root, conflict is the clash of ideas. But what happens when littered terrain only allows for the Gardner to manicure the branches too fragile to support a noose? Purposeless DEAD weight. Why wait?... To pour acid on that which brings fourth rotten fruit. Oh tree of life...why does vengeance appear to belong to the Hate Simmered Men?... Racing to uphold a justice without just... is ice... cold. Why my brother from another taken by the manifestation of a sickened-idea? The idea that brown skin and coarse hair is the spoil of the world... that He, that We...are inferior to the possessors of the forged deed to this land and others. That interrupted histories are sub par to a legacy of barbaric acts premised on greed and corruption. An idea, an idea, please contend or counter...or forever hold your breath. But spare me the politicized propaganda or footage of Lipton Tea'er demanding proof of belonging. An idea that the monumental elections of the 44th and 45th president of the U S of A, could challenge the new Jim Crow and the Uncle Ruckus of the Supreme Court. That fear and hate have been uncontested unifier's to the pledge of allegiance, under racism, indivisible by legislation that continues to press... my...patience. How can accomplished scholars not see the correlation between affirmative action and the miseducation of the oppressed; Stop & Fisk and incarceration disparities; Slavery and a generational disconnect among the displaced? Clue klutz Judge, please enlighten me on how tainted perception could take precedent over irrefutable fact. If Trayvon was white, there would not have been suspicion, there wouldn't have been the pursuit of prosecution without due process, nor a dislodged pistol, ... Or A precious innocent life cut short. I submit that this unkempt forage of land is contaminated by poisoned ivory and genetically modified herbicide aimed at "he" as an idea... ."me"as an idea. I beg of you to show me that there is a way to uproot inequalities centered on hate without igniting an all consuming fire. Tell me the Martin family will see justice. Tell me we are closer to muting this disease of the mind. Tell me an uprooting is near! (Please share this poem and your prayers to continue this important dialogue until justice is served.) By Kendall Glaspie
07/16/2013 8:04AM
zimmerman used stand defense!!! MEdia got it wrong!!
The essence of zimmermans defense was justifiable homicide, "stand your ground", not being required to retreat from a fight(fla stat, for "justifiable homicide") all zimmerman waived was an immunity hearing that he probaly would lose. He still used a justifiable homicide defense that included "stand your ground". see find law article below or read the trial pleadings thanks, bill --------------------------------- FINDLAW,COM: Zimmerman Won't Seek Stand Your Ground Hearing By Deanne Katz, Esq. on March 6, 2013 10:05 AM After all the fuss and talk about Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, it looks like George Zimmerman won't pursue that strategy after all. Zimmerman's lawyers told the court Tuesday that they're waiving their client's right to a pre-trial "Stand Your Ground" hearing that was scheduled for April. Barring any unforeseen changes, Zimmerman's trial for second-degree murder will begin June 10. Many expected Zimmerman to seek a pre-trial hearing as to whether "Stand Your Ground" applied in his case. But his waiver doesn't mean the issue will be ignored at trial. What Happens at a 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing? Under Florida law, "Stand Your Ground" can potentially grant prosecutorial immunity to a defendant who is accused of murder. If a defendant can prove at a "Stand Your Ground" hearing that his use of lethal force was justified as necessary for personal protection, then the criminal charges will immediately be dropped. The defendant then can't be prosecuted on the issue. Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara, thinks being found not guilty by a jury will be better than a grant of immunity, reports NBC News. Perhaps he's hoping a "not guilty" verdict will improve Zimmerman's public image. Self-Defense Can Still Be Raised Just because the pre-trial hearing was waived doesn't mean that Zimmerman also waived his right to defend himself. At trial, O'Mara can still raise the issue of self-defense as a justification for Zimmerman's actions. That theory could be used to convince the jury that Zimmerman isn't guilty. Evidence of self-defense can also be used to convince the jury that Zimmerman is guilty of a lesser crime than the one charged. That could mean a less severe sentence. Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law has been associated with this case because of all the discussion about it after Trayvon Martin was killed. But Zimmerman doesn't have to use it to be successful at trial. As the defendant, Zimmerman only needs to prevent the prosecution from meeting its burden of proof. In this case, prosecutors must prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Zimmerman is guilty. When the defense presents its case, their goal will be to cast doubt on the prosecution's arguments and make it impossible for them to meet that burden. Zimmerman and O'Mara will need a strategy to do that at trial, since they won't be seeking a "Stand Your Ground" immunity hearing. That means we'll all be waiting until June.
07/16/2013 8:16AM
Holder unlikely to do anything
Holder has not defended the voting rights act nor pursued civil rights cases for blacks. Look at the justice dept civil rights division web site! All the major cases were filed by the bush administration or prior administrations. Holders has 500 lawyers in his division doing virtually nothing. Yes they do see cases files where their is discrimination against Muslims. bill He is the worse atty general for civil rights in 50 years.
07/16/2013 10:02PM
DNA Should Have Made a Conviction
It seems the jurors main problem was that they believed that Martin was beating up Zimmerman. But that falls apart from the fact that there was ***NO*** DNA from Zimmerman on Martin's fingernails. Zimmerman's main claim was "self-defense". So where's the DNA evidence that he was, in fact, being attacked?
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