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J'Nara Corbin blog - The Journey from Leisure to Latex

by J'Nara Corbin posted Aug 23 2012 3:54PM
Thursday, August 16th, marked my return to the radio airwaves of New York City.  I bid the island of Manhattan adieu at the beginning of July and jumped aboard a jet plane — quite sure that I’d be back again after a much needed vacation!  Tunnel vision mapped out my quest for relaxation and rest, from the Big Apple of NYC to the Pineapple of Waikiki.   All of the hustle and bustle of New York melted away on the sandy beaches of Hawaii as I traded in Long Island Iced Tea for Mai Tais, subway transfers for sunscreen, and honking car horns for crashing waves.  I was welcoming this new life of leisure one “aloha” (meaning both hello and goodbye) exchange at a time.
As I shared with the WWRL listeners last week, I had achieved the unheard of feat of beginning fired from my nine-to-five gig while on vacation.  Much like Ice Cube’s iconic character Craig in the 1995 hit comedy Friday, who was unjustly fired on his day off, I was greeted by an “aloha” from my now former employer.  The company folded while I was spread out on a lounge chair sun bathing!  It was an amicable split, but there was a small part of me that longed for Smokey, a Chris Tucker-type friend to offer condolence and some sort of “herbal refreshment” to dull my pounding headache — accompanied by, “What in the world am I going to do next?" that was steadily picking up momentum in my head.
So what is a single, now jobless girl to do when balling up on the floor in a fetal position atop a stack of bridal magazines and classified ads no longer serves a purpose?  Go to the 22nd Annual Latex Ball, of course! GMHC (Gay Men's Health Crisis) presented a dance, beauty and fashion competition all while promoting safe sex and providing on the spot HIV-testing. This event marked my first appearance back into Manhattan society since my trip.  I threw on a pair of leather shorts, red lipstick and a black hip-skimming cape — an avant-garde ensemble successfully awaking my inner diva.

Sleeping beauty was now wide awake and strutting down the streets making my way to the historic Roseland Ballroom. This year’s Enchanted Forest theme was everything my wanting eyes and wounded ego needed.Clay Cane Live in-studio guest and dancer extraordinaire of television’s America’s Best Dance Crew ‘s Vogue Evolution, Dashaun Evisu, played commentator right along side ball icons Jack Mizrahi and Selvin Khan. The trio hyped up the crowd and spun a fairy tale as they introduced contestants all clamoring for cash prizes and “house” bragging rights.  

On this night, I witnessed a collective effort to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  I stepped into a world of make believe that allowed me to believe that anything is possible and that dreams come true.  I walked out of the ballroom knowing that there was no need to continue wishing on a star. My life had changed for a reason. The job was “taken away” in order to make way for a career. As an actress with a few indie films under my belt, I am ready to add a few more notches and credits to my body of work. I am now auditioning for roles that once provided difficult to attend — due to a nine-to-five.  I am reminding myself that I am the woman of my own creation with just the right mixture of Princess Tiana and Pocahontas.  I am taking strides towards my own happily ever after, all while keeping a look out for my Prince Charming.  From leisure to latex… what a journey!
Tune into Clay Cane Live tonight at 11pm EST as we speak with singer and actress Antonique Smith (Notorious, Abduction), prepare for the upcoming Prince Vs. Michael Jackson party, and count down the top five "gaggers” of the week.
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08/23/2012 3:55PM
J'Nara Corbin blog - The Journey from Leisure to Latex
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