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by Randi Rhodes posted Jun 24 2013 4:43PM

Today jurors in the murder trial of George Zimmerman heard opening statements, or in the case of Zimmerman’s defense lawyer, opening jokes. Zimmerman’s lawyer decided to lead off with a knock knock joke. I don’t know what the strategy is, but Zimmerman can already appeal any conviction on the grounds of incompetent representation. The knock knock joke was “George Zimmerman who? Good, you’re on the jury.” Thank you, I’ll be here all trial. Don’t forget to tip your bailiff.

Edward Snowden and the United States government are playing a game of cat-and-mouse. That’s not a good game for Snowden—the best the mouse can hope for is to survive the game. As of now, Snowden is evidently holed up in a transit area at Moscow airport. On the list of places that you never want to spend a lot of time, Moscow airport is not a heck of a lot better than prison.

China is said to have made the final decision in allowing Snowden to leave semi-autonomous Hong Kong. China was glad that the Snowden affair shone a bright light of publicity on US spying activities. But the longer that light was on, the more likely it was to also shed light on what China does.

Ecuador is considering Snowden’s request for asylum. The US and Ecuador have an extradition treaty that was signed in 1872. I’m guessing that it doesn’t address leaks of cyber-intelligence. The treaty excludes offenses “of a political character.” It’s not clear what that means, but having the John Boehner, the highest ranking official in the legislative branch, brand Snowden a “traitor” didn’t exactly avoid that territory. Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa is happy to embarrass the United States. So evidently is John Boehner.

Senator Chuck Schumer is angry that Russia allowed Snowden to land in Moscow. Schumer said ““Putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the United States.” And the worst part is that that finger is wearing the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl ring.

Finally, the Supreme Court didn’t strike down affirmative action today. It struck it, but not enough to cause it to go down. The Court sent the case back to the lower court for further review under a tougher standard. So affirmative action can go forward, but its path will be harder.

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06/24/2013 4:50PM
It Begins...
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