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Issa's Overreach

by Randi Rhodes posted Jun 21 2012 6:04PM
The Republican-dominated House oversight committee has recommended that Attorney General Eric Holder be held in contempt of Congress. This is the kind of political gamesmanship that makes everyone else hold Congress in contempt. The fight between Congressional Republicans and the Obama administration is over a Department of Justice gun trafficking sting called Operation Fast and Furious. Unbelievably, the whole fight is actually more ridiculous than the movie “Fast and Furious.” The actual Fast and Furious operation has about as much to do with the real reasons for this whole thing as Monica Lewinsky had to do with the real reasons for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. In fact, this sorry episode makes the impeachment of Clinton look like an exercise in judgment and restraint on the part of Republicans.

The Washington Post asks if President Obama is trying to bait House Republicans. I’m sure it’s a great temptation to bait the House Republicans—they’re always trying to bite. The President is telling Republicans in Congress “bring it on.” That’s hardly necessary. Telling Republicans to bring it on is like telling garbage to stink. The Post says that Obama’s invoking of executive privilege is “a finger in the eye of House GOPers.” If it is, they walked into it... with their eyes open.

Ron Paul was on TV talking about his long range plans to get rid of Social Security... and his short range plans to keep on cashing his Social Security checks. Yes, Ron Paul wants to get rid of Social Security, and he is collecting Social Security. Maybe he plans on destroying Social Security by draining all of its funds into his own bank account. Hey, isn’t that what the people on Wall Street are trying to do?

Finally, Mitt Romney addressed a major Latino group today. There was a big cultural difference on display—Latinos are from planet Earth. Mitt is trying to walk a tightrope on immigration. And it’s not easy to walk a tightrope when you’re wearing $1,000 shoes.

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06/21/2012 6:04PM
Issa's Overreach
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