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by Randi Rhodes posted Aug 16 2013 3:22PM

It’s being reported that the RNC was considering using Rush and other rightwing radio hosts to host their primary debates—like there aren’t already enough lunatics on the stage whenever there’s a GOP primary debate. Rush said “I don’t see how I can do it. I’m too famous.” Actually, you can’t do it because you’re too pompous and self-entitled. But that’s pretty much what you just said, isn’t it?

Also according to Rush Limbaugh, you can’t believe in God and also believe in climate change. Rush, seeing as how climate change is undeniable, I think you just denied the existence of God. According to Rush, “You must be either agnostic or atheistic to believe that man controls something he can’t create.” Um, nobody is saying that man “controls” the weather, Rush. The whole point is that our actions have created a situation that is out of control. Rush! If we thought that man controlled the weather, then global warming would be no problem. We would just turn down the thermostat, and that would be that. Speaking of control, I do know this—the oil and energy corporations control what Rush Limbaugh says about climate change.

Will the rightwing media PLEASE stop clowning around? The conservative media is still stuck on its odd clown obsession. Maybe it’s like looking into a mirror for them. The rightwing media is pushing the story that the leftwing is obsessed with the racist rodeo clown incident at the Missouri State Fair. And they’re trying to do that by talking about it obsessively. Fox News has more coverage of the clown than the Circus Channel does! I’m assuming there is such a thing. If not, somebody should get on that pronto. Cable TV can’t have an unexploited niche.

Of course, Glenn Beck has continued defending his fellow rodeo clown. Beck said that this rodeo clown was an artist, “a very brave artist.” I will admit—it does take a certain brand of courage to have a broomstick propped up against your butt with a bull running around. I won’t deny that the rodeo clown is an artist. In a world where Glenn Beck is a political commentator, a prisoner smearing their feces on the wall of their cell is an artist.

Finally, the latest woman to accuse San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment is a 67-year old great-grandmother. My God, what can Filner say in his defense now? That 67 is pretty young for a great grandmother? At the press conference with Gloria Allred, the woman entered using a cane. Bob Filner must figure, if he’s going to be chasing women, he might as well make some of them women who are easy to catch. I would say that Bob Filner belongs in jail, but I’m concerned about what he might do to the other inmates.

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This morning Joe Scarborough ripped Repubs afraid to take on conservative media and concluded that the GOP is signaling that if you’re not white you’re welcome...


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08/16/2013 3:29PM
Incest Politics
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