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Idiot Abroad

by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 31 2012 6:02PM

Mitt Romney is in Poland. There’s a joke there somewhere... and the joke is Mitt Romney. Mitt visited Poland’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Reporters were shouting questions at Mitt, and complaining because they’ve had virtually no access to ask Romney questions for the entire trip. That’s right—Mitt made this many gaffes without even being asked questions! Mitt’s press aide Rick Gorka literally told reporters “Kiss my ass. This is a holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.” Classic! “Now can we please have a moment of silence while Governor Romney does the crap you gotta do at a stupid tomb?” I’m relieved things went as well as they did at the Western Wall. I’m glad Rick Gorka didn’t shout “Shaddup you losers! Mitt’s trying to pose by the damned Jew Wall!”

While in Israel, Mitt heaped praise on Israel’s healthcare system. It’s completely state-regulated, universal, and includes an individual mandate. No wonder Mitt Romney loves Israel’s healthcare system—it sounds just like Romneycare. Wait! Romney HATES Romneycare! Mitt pointed out that Israel’s healthcare cost is 8 percent of their GDP, while ours is 18 percent. Hey, maybe that’s because they’re culturally superior to us, just like they are to the Palestinians. Mitt said “We have to find ways, not just to provide health care to more people, but to find ways to finally manage our health care costs.” Mitt, I think you’ve already found ways to manage our healthcare costs—what you did in Massachusetts. The problem is that you have to deny that you ever did it. These statements of Mitt’s about Israel’s healthcare system run completely contrary to everything else Mitt Romney has been saying. How can you tell? For one thing, they’re true.

Mitt, if you get tired of being asked questions about your overseas gaffes, just come home. We’re still waiting here with a bunch of questions about your tax returns. In the only year of tax returns that he deigned to let us see, Mitt paid an effective tax rate of 13.9 percent. When asked if there were years he paid less than that, Mitt said “I haven’t calculated that.” I guess Mitt didn’t calculate specific percentages. He just looked at his taxes and knew that they were really, really low. Mitt wants you to think he doesn’t know what tax rate he was paying. There is only one reason Mitt Romney says that he doesn’t know something—and that’s if he really doesn’t want you to know it.

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07/31/2012 6:11PM
Idiot Abroad
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