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House of Lies

by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 7 2013 5:58PM

John Boehner insists that he doesn’t have the votes to pass a clean government funding bill. More Republicans than are needed to pass a clean bill have publicly said they would vote for one. If Boehner doesn’t think he has the votes, it’s because he hasn’t checked his hip pocket.

Meanwhile, the guest over at Fox News was the completely sane and rational Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. So that meant that it was up to the host at Fox News to supply all of the crazy. And Chris Wallace came through. Wallace accused President Obama of “trying to panic the markets.” The best part is that Wallace said that Obama was “trying to panic the markets” by “saying they should be more concerned.” Oh my God! I’m glad Obama didn’t say that in a crowded theater—there would have been a stampede!

Peter King flat out said that “we are the ones who shut down the government.” On Fox News! It was a totally true statement. Frankly, I’m a little shocked that the microphones at Fox News were able to pick it up! I always assumed that the equipment at Fox News had some sort of filter to stop anything true from getting through to the airwaves. They weren’t expecting a Republican like Peter King to blurt out a fact, and they failed to hit the “truth dump” button on time.

While the rest of the country is suffering through all of this madness, the Tea Party faction in Congress is practically giddy. I really don’t know which seems more dangerous—dumb and mad, or dumb and happy. I guess that dumb and happy is worse. When truly dumb people are angry, that means that something terrible might happen. But when truly dumb people are happy, that means that something terrible already happened.

Oh by the way, over the weekend we captured a high-ranking Al Qaeda suspect in Libya and attacked another in Somalia. It’s amazing what President Obama can do—even with a shutdown government.

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10/07/2013 6:03PM
House of Lies
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