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Hitting It Out of the Park

by Mark Riley posted Sep 6 2012 1:38PM

Bill Clinton offered a spirited defense of President Barack Obama and his efforts to right America's ship Wednesday at the Democratic Convention. In sports parlance, he set a great table for the cleanup hitter. Always great with stats, the former president came up with some numbers that as startling as they are true. Since 1961, Republican presidents have presided over the creation of 24 million jobs in 28 years. During the same period, Democratic presidents have been in charge while 42 million jobs were created in 24 years. 

Keeping in mind that presidents themselves don't create jobs, how is the Romney-Ryan ticket's promise of 12 million jobs in four years looking right now? Unless my math is terribly wrong, they're promising 3 million jobs a year. Spread that over eight years and you begin to see the problem. The only president who can credibly say he presided over the creation of anywhere near that many jobs is…..wait for it…. Bill Clinton!  

Bill Clinton also talked of moving people out of poverty. To Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, poor folks are a foil, to be sued to reinforce the notion of a class of freeloaders riding on the backs of hard working Americans. That's because the GOP believes the path to power lies in creating "others", that is, people who aren't as good as the rest of America. Bill Clinton knows this is wrong, and so does Barack Obama. 

So Thursday night it's the current president's turn. To try to generate the extraordinary enthusiasm of four years ago is a heavy lift indeed. He also must steel himself for the Friday jobs numbers, which may help or hurt his argument for a second term. However, one thing is for sure. Barack Obama had the finest group of people leading up to his speech (including his wife) that any president has ever had.

Don't you think?

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09/06/2012 1:38PM
Hitting It Out of the Park
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09/11/2012 10:56AM
He Sure Did
Yes, Former President Clinton really hit it out of the park on Wednesday night. And, if they ever did repeal the 22nd Amendment, he would be unbeatable. Another very inspiring moment, at the Democratic Convention, was when Gabby Giffords, with the help of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, walked onto the stage, and lead the Pledge of Allegience. I think that President Obama's speech was a bit more calm, but the Democratic Convention was far better than anything the Republican Convention had to offer.
09/11/2012 9:57PM
who care who wins are lose they both will have it made no matter what you folks that vote will still be in the same boat as yesterday this all is a big joke it's every man for himself better get use to it
12/24/2012 6:52AM
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