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Herding Anarchists

by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 17 2013 4:44PM

The Republicans blinked... which is not easy to do when you go through life with your eyes closed. These idiots didn’t actually get the bill to Obama to sign until 12:30 a.m. on Thursday—the day that we were to hit the debt ceiling. That’s not just last minute—that’s 30 minutes past the last minute. Have the Tea Party crazies learned anything? Rep. John C. Fleming (R-LA) said that this “will get us into Round 2. See, we’re going to start this all over again.” John must not be a boxing expert—there is no Round 2 after a knockout.

As Nancy Pelosi pointed out, just this little dance with the devil of default cost us $24 billion. Amazing! Republicans have even managed to drive up the debt with their posturing about reducing the debt!

Loony GOP Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) says that this was all worth it because “We’ve made it abundantly clear we don’t support Obamacare.” Great! Do you think you might have been able to make that point for less than $24 billion? I realize that political branding campaigns get expensive but I think you could have found someone to make the point that you hate Obamacare for less than $24 billion—and not have tanked your approval ratings in the process!

Ted Cruz had a few things to say about this deal... literally, just a few things—and he kept repeating them verbatim. Ted Cruz said the exact same things over and over—on the floor of the Senate and then on rightwing media. Forget the rightwing echo chamber—Ted Cruz has his own echo chamber. I guess having your own echo chamber comes in handy for a guy who loves hearing the sound of his own voice.

In the middle of everything last night, a stenographer had a quasi-religious freak-out on the floor of the House. I guess you just can’t be around something as crazy as the US House of Representatives without having some of it rub off on you. The stenographer grabbed the microphone and started ranting crazily about one nation under God and the Constitution and Freemasons. At first, everyone just assumed that Michele Bachmann was giving a floor speech.

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If you really want to understand Ted Cruz, start with his rightwing Dominionist father (more)...

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10/17/2013 4:54PM
Herding Anarchists
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