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Gun Nation

by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 23 2012 3:20PM

If you think the tragedy in Colorado will spark the debate over gun control, you forget—there is no debate over gun control. The NRA has shut it down—lock, stock, and smoking barrel. Some people are saying that we can’t avoid a serious discussion of gun control now. Unfortunately, a serious discussion of gun control is a lot easier to dodge than a hail of bullets is.

The gunman evidently bought a 6,000-round arsenal legally over the internet. This guy was buying thousands of rounds of ammunition online, and the only checks he was going through were on his credit-worthiness.

On the morning of the shooting a Twitter account for the NRA sent out a message that read “Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?” “Weekend plans for the NRA?” Yes—they have to spend another weekend denying that guns had anything to do with a gun massacre. The NRA later pulled the tweet and explained that the person who posted it was unaware that there had been a shooting. How could that person be totally unaware of what was going on? They must have been a Fox News viewer.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) insists that an assault rifle with a 100-round magazine is a “basic freedom.” Johnson says “this is really not an issue of guns. This is about sick people doing things you simply can’t prevent.” Simply. Can’t. Prevent. There’s your gun-nut answer to gun violence—just get used to it. That really seems to be the gun nut answer to mass killings—look, these kinds of things are just going to happen. Having nuts carrying guns is just the price we pay to have a society where nuts can carry guns.

Senator Johnson is one of those people who think that these shooting incidents could be avoided if more people carried guns. I’m not going to count on people who carry guns to save me in any situation. Can we take one thing away from the Batman movie besides sorrow? Batman himself never uses a gun. And your odds of being saved by a guy with a gun are about the same as your odds of being saved by a guy with a Bat-utility belt.

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07/23/2012 3:22PM
Gun Nation
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