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Going Green

by Randi Rhodes posted Aug 9 2013 3:54PM

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has changed his mind about marijuana. He used to be against it, but now he thinks it’s totally chill. What was the problem before, Doc? Didn’t you know you had to inhale? The DEA currently classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 dangerous drug. Yes, marijuana is extremely dangerous... if you’re a bag of Doritos. The DEA classifies cocaine and meth as Schedule II drugs—less dangerous than pot! How many parents would fear that their kid is smoking pot, only to be relieved to find out that they’re only smoking meth?

Mike Huckabee says that Muslims are like “uncorked animals.” Before we even discuss the slur against Muslims, I want to point out the weirdness of the analogy. Uncorked animals? I don’t know what you do in Arkansas, but most people don’t cork their animals. Huckabee seems to think that Muslims frequently emerge from prayer services during their holy days and go on a violent rampage. I think Mike Huckabee has Ramadan mixed up with Spring Break at the Ramada Daytona Beach.

Texas is taking steps to make sure fewer people can vote. Texas says that preclearance from the Voting Rights Act is only for cases where there is “rampant, widespread, recalcitrant discrimination...” Frankly, I couldn’t come up with a more accurate 4-word description of Texas if I tried. The only reason that the phrase “rampant, widespread, recalcitrant discrimination” is not the official motto of the state of Texas is that it won’t fit on the license plates. The Texas Attorney General wrote in a brief that “nothing remotely like that has occurred in modern-day Texas.” That is completely false—and the phrase “modern-day Texas” is an oxymoron.

It turns out that Mitch McConnell’s own campaign manager hates him. At least he chose a campaign manager with good political instincts. On a secretly recorded phone call, McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton says he is “holding my nose for two years” to work for Mitch McConnell. Great—and you want to leave the people of Kentucky with the stink after that. Hey, if Mitch McConnell only hired campaign staff who truly believed in him, he could never find anyone to work for him.

A Florida man killed his wife and then went on Facebook and posted a confession, and a picture of his wife’s bloody corpse. And you thought that your friends who always posted pictures of their fancy restaurant meals were annoying! Bad news for the killer: Juror 37 from the Trayvon Martin trial—who bonded so well with the killer George Zimmerman—has completed her jury service and won’t be in the jury pool. The good news for this guy is that he used a gun. Stand Your Ground! But can a person use Stand Your Ground if they’re in a home they share with the person that they kill?

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Either Glenn Beck is in the beginning stages of a severe mental breakdown, or we’re all going to die...
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08/09/2013 3:54PM
Going Green
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