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by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 26 2013 9:41AM

Ted Cruz finally shut up after 21 hours! He thought he was digging a grave for Obamacare, but after 21 hours he finally figured out that he was standing in the bottom of that grave and he better stop digging while he can still climb out. Hey Ted, are you done on the Senate floor, buddy, because the Senate needs it to conduct some actual business. Thanks for stepping aside!

Ted Cruz vowed to talk on the Senate floor against Obamacare until “I am no longer able to stand.” Ted, you should have made it until other people are no longer able to stand it. You could have wrapped it up in 30 seconds.

Everyone is trying to figure out “What is Ted Cruz trying to do?” Here it is in a nutshell—he is trying to fill an enormous hole in Ted Cruz. I don’t know if that hole is where a father’s love should be, or a mother’s attention, or maybe just the normal human empathy that most of us are born with, but there is a large void in Ted Cruz and he is trying desperately to fill it. People are calling this stunt arrogant and narcissistic. The best word for it is needy.

It only took Cruz around an hour or so to get to the Nazi references. Ted! You’ve only just begun, and you already shot your swastika wad! Whoever brings up the Nazis first loses. And if you bring up the Nazis one hour into a speech that could last for days, then you lose for a long, long time. Bringing the Nazis into this an hour after you start is kind of like launching things with a full-on blitzkrieg... as long as we’re already making the Nazi comparisons.

This was like a marathon! It was exactly like a marathon—you had to turn your head away as Ted Cruz crapped all over himself. It looked like a filibuster. It sounded like a filibuster. But it’s not a filibuster because it cannot accomplish anything. In that sense, it’s the perfect analogy for how this whole assembly looks like a Congress, but can’t get anything done. Ted tried to compare Green Eggs and Ham to Obamacare. There is one thing that the Dr. Seuss book and Obamacare have in common—they’re both really good for children.

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While the all eyes were on Ted Cruz's phony filibuster, President Obama and Clinton had a genuine discussion about Obamacare...

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09/26/2013 9:44AM
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