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Enough is Enough

by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 27 2012 9:47AM

President Obama has addressed the issue of gun control. I’m sure he did it because it was the right thing to do, but I’m also sure it occurred to him that it’s something Mitt Romney can’t possibly do. Obama said “a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.” A lot of gun owners don’t want to be associated with criminals—or with the NRA. Obama wants to stop a tragedy like this from happening again. Mitt Romney just wants people to stop asking him questions about it. Or about his taxes. Or about anything except how dreamy he thinks America is.

Meanwhile, Mitt actually said “Changing gun laws won’t make all bad things go away.”  Well, then, I guess there’s no point in trying. Mitt, if by “all bad things,” you mean the gun lobby and your own cowardice when it comes to them, we’re quite aware that changing gun laws won’t make those things go away. Romney also said that the many of the weapons the Colorado shooter had were purchased illegally. That’s not true, but then you already knew that because Mitt Romney said it. In fact, all of the guns and ammunition used in the killings were purchased legally. And if any of the gun purchases had happened to be against any law, I’m sure the NRA would have that law changed. And Mitt Romney would support them in that.

As Mitt Romney is visiting London, an aide has been quoted as saying that President Obama doesn’t understand the “Anglo Saxon heritage” that Britain and the United States share. So Mitt really gets our Anglo Saxon heritage. Thank you, “Beowulf” Romney. If you’re president we know that you will keep us safe from the monster Grendel, along with any dragons, giants, or trolls that are terrorizing villagers. Heck, with an Anglo Saxon like Mitt in charge, we’ll be safe from anything... except William the Conqueror and those pesky Normans.

According to Romney’s camp, “We are part of an Anglo Saxon heritage.” Actually, President Obama is part Irish. So he knows all about Anglo Saxons—they stole the bloody British Isles from his Celtic ancestors!  The Anglo Saxons came in around 500 A.D. and took over the British Isles... kind of like what Bain Capital does, except the Ang

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07/27/2012 9:50AM
Enough is Enough
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