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End the Madness

by Randi Rhodes posted Aug 12 2013 6:04PM

The Obama administration is announcing steps to reduce prison populations by curtailing drug sentences. That makes so much sense that it’s a shock any administration would do it. The policy is being announced as a move to save taxpayers a fortune on the costs of prisons. It will also save society even more in the moral costs of mass incarceration... but that would never fly. That’s the world we live in today, if something is a morally correct thing to do, you can’t say that—you have to justify it as being something that saves taxpayers money.

There are several movements to pass a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision. The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United handed America to the rich. Passing a Constitutional amendment is one way to get it back without having to try and buy it back... because we’ll never beat the rich at that game. 16 states have passed resolutions calling for Congress to pass a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, including red states like Montana and West Virginia. Putting an end to Citizens United is one of the few things that really makes citizens united!

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has been threatening both NBC and CNN over their proposed Hillary Clinton projects. When it was announced that Fox might make the NBC movie, Reince came down hard... on NBC. Reince said that he doesn’t care which network makes the movies, just which networks air them. What he means is that he only cares which networks aren’t Fox.

Rush Limbaugh says that when Oprah said she was discriminated against at a high-end retail shop, it wasn’t because she was black—it was because she was fat. Finally! A victimized minority that Rush can belong to! Rush said that when the salesperson thought Oprah couldn’t afford the $38,000 purse, that “Maybe it’s because The Oprah is fat.” Rush called Oprah fat. That’s not exactly the pot calling the kettle black. For starters, Rush uses much more insulting terms for “black.” Rush asked “Don’t most people think that the fat and the obese are poor and stupid?” Come on, Rush! You yourself are living that some of the fattest people on earth are also some of the richest.

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Side Bar: A federal judge has ruled that NYC’s stop & frisk tactics violate minorities’ constitutional rights...
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08/12/2013 6:09PM
End the Madness
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