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Echos of Cheney

by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 25 2012 5:35PM

Yesterday at a speech to the VFW, Mitt Romney outlined his foreign policy. And by “outline” I mean he went around the edges without ever really getting into it. Mitt has no foreign policy. The closest he comes to a foreign policy is saying that the President is foreign. In foreign policy, Mitt would treat other countries like he treated companies while he was at Bain Capital—as things to be taken over and drained of all their resources. Come to think of it, that was exactly Bush/Cheney’s foreign policy too. Mitt called for what he called a new “American century.”  I think the century Mitt has in mind is the 19th century. I hate to break this to you, Mitt, but that one’s not new.

The Justice Department is investigating Pennsylvania’s new vote ID law to see if it discriminates against minorities. I can tell them right now—the answer is “Yes—if it does what it’s designed to do.” The Pennsylvania ID law affects over 750,000 voters, which is bigger than President Obama’s margin of victory in 2008. This is the Republican approach to closing the gap. Hey, it’s easier than convincing people to vote for Mitt Romney.

President Obama is out with a 30-second ad responding to Mitt Romney’s lies about what Obama said.  I wonder how many lies Mitt can make by reediting those 30 seconds of Obama speaking. The President starts out saying “those ads taking my words about small business out of context, they’re flat out wrong.” Actually, they’re flat out lies, but let’s not split hairs, right? Why did Mitt Romney lie so blatantly? Well for one thing, now we’re all talking about how blatantly Mitt lied… instead of talking about how Mitt won’t release his tax returns. That’s the Romney campaign strategy—when someone points out something negative about Mitt, Mitt distracts people’s attention by doing something even more negative.

Mitt Romney says that they did Obama a favor by taking his words out of context. I have a feeling that the Romney campaign is going to be doing Obama similar favors throughout the summer and fall. Romney says taking the quote of context helps Obama because the context is even worse. That’s absurd. If there was anything worse, you know Romney would be using it!

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07/25/2012 5:38PM
Echos of Cheney
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