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Crazies in Control

by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 19 2013 4:30PM

John Boehner has signed on to Tea Party demands that they will shut down the government unless they can defund Obamacare. He decided he had better join the Tea Party before they threw him overboard. Now John Boehner is leading the way—that way they can keep a knife at his back.

The whole world seems to be telling the House Republicans that they’re making a huge mistake. But that just reinforces their belief that it’s them against the world. Karl Rove even took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to warn Republicans not to shut down the government. Yes, this is one GOP disaster that Karl Rove sees coming. Of course, Karl was totally blindsided by the election results in 2012. So as a general rule, if Karl can see something coming, it must painfully obvious and incredibly huge.

Republicans don’t seem content just fighting the rest of the world on this government shutdown—they’re also insisting on fighting each other. Ted Cruz made some statements that have other Republicans enraged at him—like anybody needs an excuse to hate Ted Cruz.

Back in the real world, Obamacare is working beautifully. No wonder Republicans refuse to spend any time in the real world—it’s a mighty hostile place to their illusions. It’s estimated that 23 million currently uninsured people will be eligible for health insurance that costs them less than $100 per month as Obamacare takes effect. That’s what Republicans are risking our economic well-being to destroy!

Meanwhile, Aaron Alexis evidently scratched messages onto the shotgun that he used in the massacre in DC. People will be falling over themselves to decipher these messages. The man was mentally ill. The time to listen to the mentally disturbed is before they do something like this. Besides, if I wanted to hear messages from a mentally ill person I would listen to Alex Jones’s radio show.

Finally, the latest installment of Grand Theft Auto has generated $800 million in sales on its first day. If Elisabeth Hasselback is right about videogames being the cause of mass shootings, we’re in for slaughter on an unprecedented scale.

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NBC’s Chuck Todd absolves himself and the rest of the media from doing their job of informing the public about Obamacare...

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09/19/2013 4:34PM
Crazies in Control
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