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Baiting Baggers

by Randi Rhodes posted Dec 6 2013 10:03AM

Rush Limbaugh says that Obama is “having an orgasm” because “the Pope is ripping America.” This proves one thing—just hearing Rush Limbaugh say the word “orgasm” is enough to make you want to swear off of sex forever. Rush also claims that Obama thinks “We’ve got too many rich people.” No Rush, he’s actually saying that we have too few rich people. The problem is that a tiny handful of them are obscenely rich.

Bill O’Reilly says that Jesus wouldn’t be “down with” giving people food stamps because their poverty is “their fault.” Yes, we all remember what a scold and a blamer Jesus was... especially when it came to poor people. What are you saying, Bill? That Jesus could never forgive laziness or drug addiction? Hello! He can forgive anything! That’s what the whole “Jesus thing” is all about!

At a Congressional hearing, Michael Cannon, the Cato Institute’s Health Policies Studies Director, warned that there is going to be a revolution unless Barack Obama reigns in his lawless behavior. Hey Mr. Cannon—put down the Molotov cocktail, and start running some studies on preventative care. No wonder the Republicans never talk about their own ideas for healthcare! Their only ideas for healthcare policy are “Burn, baby, burn!”

Democratic Congressman Jared Polis lost his temper during a debate over immigration on the floor of the House. That was partially because it wasn’t a debate over an immigration bill—it was a debate over the Republican refusal to allow an immigration bill. He was angry because another Democratic member was chastised for directly addressing supporters of immigration form who were sitting in the gallery. They needed to be addressed by somebody because they sure as heck aren’t being addressed by the full House.

Sarah Palin hopes that Martin Bashir’s criticism of her won’t make people more hesitant to “get out there and serve the public or start a business...” Right. Let us also hope and pray that what Martin Bashir said will not cause anyone to stop taking vitamins or obeying stop signs.

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12/06/2013 10:17AM
Baiting Baggers
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