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America belongs to an exclusive club that executes their own citizens

by Thom Hartmann posted Mar 27 2012 4:03PM
Amnesty International is out with a new report on the death penalty – showing that only 20 out of the 198 nations worldwide carried out executions last year – the United States is one of those nations.  We’re also the only Western democracy to still use the death penalty.  The United States ranked fifth in the world in executions in 2011 – behind nations with upstanding human rights records like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. 

On the bright side – worldwide, the number of nations embracing the death penalty has plummeted from ten years ago – when more than thirty counties still executed their citizens.  And more and more states in the United States are taking steps to abolish the death penalty.   

Then again – 16 states have passed “Stand Your Ground” laws like the one that killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida – leaving it up to average citizens to play the role of judge, jury, and executioner on the streets.

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Location : Florida
People : Trayvon Martin
03/27/2012 4:03PM
The United States belongs to an exclusive club of nations that put their own citizens to death
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07/03/2013 3:25AM
Pro Choice but against Death Penalty , how can you be !
I am Pro Choice! and that is why I am not against death penalty ! As art of my profession I am part of the procedure where 22-23 weeks old fetuses are executed. Usually they are killed by injecting medication in their heart. They are killed , regularly. Very many people support this Prochoice activity, and that is fine . BUT then why are you against death penalty ? Why you are ok for innocent babies to be killed, and hideous criminals survive.
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