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Alex Lucas "El Genio"

Alex “El Genio” Lucas is one of the most beloved and popular On-Air Personalities in Hispanic Radio today, and “El Show del Genio Lucas” can be heard in many markets across the United States and Mexico.  This rapidly growing show broadcasts from California to North Carolina, and in Mexico from the Border Markets to deep in the interior in Guanajuato. 

Alex was born in Guerrero, Mexico in 1968 and he always dreamed of being a DJ.  Alex attended the Teofilo Alvarez Borboa school in Tialpan, Mexico where he made life interesting for his teachers!  He moved to the United States in 1986, attended Broadcasting School, landed his first gig in radio in Salinas, California, and he never looked back!  Through lots of hard work and sacrifices, Alex became a huge success, and he worked for some of the largest companies in the country such as Clear Channel, where he originated the highly successful “La Preciosa” format; and indeed, his Morning Show became the headline feature for this popular Spanish network!  In spite of his national success, Alex “El Genio” Lucas never lost touch with his roots, and he remains connected to his people, and has a genuine love and respect for his fans.

With more than 25 years of radio experience, Alex Lucas has won many awards  including “El Micrófono de Oro” given by “La Organización Nacional de  Periodistas “Ricardo Flores Magon”, “Máximo Orgullo Hispano” given by “La Asociación Internacional de Prensa, Radio y Televisión”, Radio and Record’s “Program Director 2006”  and monitorLATINO’s “On Air Personality of the Year 2010!” Although he has won many regional and national awards in his career, Alex did not let the success go to his head, but remains humble and grateful, and is renowned for being gracious and always making time for his fans.  He is known far and wide as being one of the nicest people in the industry.  Advertisers love him because Alex is down-to-earth, professional, and reliable.  Listeners love him for his brilliant and witty banter which makes his show a hit and always keeps them coming back for more!

 Alex was influenced greatly by his mother. "From her I learned self-respect and that the only way to sleep peacefully is to work hard."  His mother set a very good example with her work ethic of long hours and relentless determination.  Alex's sign is cancer which indicates a person close to his family.  Alex is married and believes his wife and two sons are one of his greatest blessings, and he enjoys spending time with them.  His wife runs a tight ship at home and takes great care of the family, and his sons are interested in following in their father’s footsteps.  Alex is a fan of the Cruz Azul soccer team and enjoys watching the games with his family and friends. 
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