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A Twit By Any Other Name

by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 30 2012 5:19PM

Have you come down from the Olympics opening ceremony yet? And I do mean come down—I’m glad I never did acid, because I’m pretty sure I would have thought I was having a flashback. That was weird! The only thing missing would have been if they sped up the parade of athletes to fast-motion pace and started playing Benny Hill music. I like that they did a salute to their nationalized health care system, which they love. It’s hard to imagine an American Olympics ceremony doing a salute to our health insurance companies. One thing though, guys—sick kids don’t suddenly get up and start dancing, no matter how good your healthcare system is.

Mitt Romney’s visit to London was a gaffe-filled disaster as he accidentally insulted his hosts. Not even a flip-flopper like Mitt can spend all his time appealing to the Tea Party, and then turn around and appeal to the British. Mitt insinuated that the British weren’t ready for the Olympics... and pretty much proved that he wasn’t ready for the presidency of the United States.

Next, Mitt went to Jerusalem, where he took some time to speak to the chosen people—and Mitt’s chosen people are a room full of all of his biggest donors - including Sheldon Adelson. Just like he did in London, Mitt Romney took time in his trip to Jerusalem to raise campaign money. Other American leaders travel the world, extending the hand of friendship. Mitt just extends his hand for donations.

While the British are calling Mitt a twit, here at home Newsweek is asking if Mitt is a wimp. I guess we’re just not as good at rhyming as the British are. The cover of Newsweek is a picture of Mitt and a headline about “The Wimp Factor.” It’s not fair to call Mitt a wimp. It totally ignores how much of a twit, wuss, and milquetoast he is. We really shouldn’t be calling Mitt Romney a wimp. Mitt might feel forced to prove his manhood by cutting off a gay kid’s hair... or starting a war.

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07/30/2012 5:20PM
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