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@Thom_Hartmann blog: Happy Birthday #OWS

by Thom Hartmann posted Sep 17 2012 3:21PM

Today marks the one-year anniversary since Americans began highlighting Wall Street's crimes by occupying Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan and eventually hundreds of other cities across the nation. Events and rallies are underway in New York City and elsewhere around the nation to commemorate the occasion, and already there are several reports of more than 70 demonstrators arrested in lower Manhattan. One year ago, Occupy changed the game by changing the national conversation away from deficit-reduction and austerity and toward wealth inequality and job creation.

After brutal police oppression, the encampments disappeared from the public eye.  But Occupy didn’t go anywhere, it’s been working under the radar saving Americans from foreclosure, helping students with debt, and helping workers organize.  The nation is in a crisis, and, in response, the American people are pregnant with revolution.

Occupy was simply the first tactic in the burgeoning, grassroots revolution.  What comes next we don’t know for sure, but it’s absolutely essential to pick up on what Occupy started a year ago, get organized and get active to take on the corporate 1% that have taken over our government and economy and is destroying the American middle class.

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09/17/2012 3:20PM
@Thom_Hartmann blog: Happy Birthday #OWS
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