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@Thom_Hartmann blog: GOP Whistle-Blowers Blow Lid Off Talking Points

by Thom Hartmann posted May 9 2013 2:55PM

Yesterday, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives postponed all floor votes so they could hold their ninth hearing about Benghazi.  Instead of working on any number of pressing issues effecting Americans, Republicans spent nine hours on a political witch hunt.  

Unsurprisingly, their so-called “whistleblowers,” who were supposed to blow the lid off some huge conspiracy, ended up debunking many of the right-wing talking points we've heard about the attack.  As the Think Progress Blog explains, yesterday's testimony made clear that F-16s could not have prevented the second wave of attacks, Hilary Clinton did not lie about diplomatic cables, and the only reason a Special Forces Team was told not to deploy to Benghazi, is that another team was already on its way.  

So, Republicans wasted nine hours and countless tax-payer dollars on a hearing that confirmed everything they've been told in the previous eight hearings they've held about the attack.  The only thing being covered up here is the fact that last year, the GOP voted to cut the U.S. Embassy security funding by $300 million dollars.  

Instead of politicizing the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, House Republicans could have focused on our economy, on bringing jobs back from overseas, or reversing the austerity measures that are gutting our vital agencies.  But, they won't do any of those things because there's a chance it could help President Obama.

Republicans should stop wasting time and get to work on the issues most Americans actually care about.  We get it – you hate the president, and want to prevent Hillary Clinton from running in 2016.  Now get to work.

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05/09/2013 2:59PM
@Thom_Hartmann blog: GOP Whistle-Blowers Blow Lid Off Talking Points
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