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by Randi Rhodes posted Aug 24 2012 4:00PM

Today, Mitt Romney actually “joked” about birth certificates, saying “No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate” (video below). Gee, Mitt, maybe that’s because you’re not a black man being harassed by a campaign of racism! Mitt was in Michigan, where both he and Ann were born. He said ““No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.” OMG! What is Mitt trying to do, take some of the heat off of Todd Akin? Mitt, nobody asked to see your birth certificate because, as a rich white man, you are not subjected to race-baiting by the knuckle-dragging GOP base.

Now Mitt Romney is saying that the reason he doesn’t want his tax returns released is because he doesn’t want people to see the amount of money he gives to his church. That might be hard to keep secret, seeing as how he constantly tells people how much money he gives to his church. Don’t worry, Mitt—if you release your tax returns, I guarantee that the last thing people will be looking at is your donations to your church.

The website Gawker has obtained hundreds of pages of financial documents from Bain that relate to Mitt Romney’s investments. They’re virtually impossible to understand... which what they’re designed to be. The documents show that Mitt has a real affinity for the Cayman Islands—sun, sand, sea, and (as the documents say) “no income, estate, transfer, sales, or other taxes.” Call me naïve, but I think that if all these millions of Mitt’s were in the United States instead of being hidden in the Caymans, they would have a better chance of doing some of that “job creation” conservatives are always talking about.

Get this—the National Review is out with a piece that basically says women should vote for Mitt Romney because he’s an alpha male! OK, that’s it—they have officially run out of ways of trying to sell Mitt Romney! Mitt is no alpha male. He’s not even a beta male. He’s like a zeta male or something. I would say that there are reasons to vote for Mitt Romney, but his alpha male status is not one of them... except that there are no reasons to vote for Mitt Romney—so I kind of see why they tried this. The article says women should vote for Mitt because females are biologically drawn to wealthy, high-status males. Hey, it sounds like somebody took the same biology course that Paul Akin did! I have news for the author of this tripe—if rich and powerful mean are biologically irresistible to women, then those “hunky firemen” calendars would all feature guys like Sheldon Adelson shirtless and sweaty. Yikes! A picture of Sheldon Adelson in a calendar, bare-chested, would be enough to make me skip a month of my life.

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08/24/2012 4:00PM
@RandiRhodes blog - Base Licking
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