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@RandiRhodes #RandiRhodes blog: Cliff Dancing

by Randi Rhodes posted Nov 29 2012 6:33PM

President has been on a relentless campaign for fairness to the middle class in the fiscal cliff deal. He hasn’t been quite as obsessed as John McCain has been with Susan Rice, but it’s been close. The President knows that eliminating deductions and loopholes won’t accomplish anything—that’s why Republicans are suggesting that. As Obama pushes for ending tax cuts for the rich, the polls are clearly on his side. Gee, do you think Republicans will believe them this time? All I know is that when these negotiations are done and over, John Boehner will emerge totally red-faced... or at least orange-faced. 

Nobody wants the fiscal cliff—it only exists because Republicans couldn’t get everything else they wanted back during the debt ceiling debate. The theory behind the fiscal cliff is to intentionally create a situation so screwed up that only a bunch of idiots wouldn’t deal with it. They forgot who they were dealing with—they were dealing with themselves. Back then John Boehner boasted “I got 98 percent of what I wanted. I’m pretty happy.” He’s not happy now. The lesson here—nobody is happy when Republicans get what they want... not even Republicans. 

Mitt Romney is going to the White House to have lunch with President Obama today! Gee, I wonder if Mitt is expecting any gifts. Here’s a tidbit of advice, Mitt—try not to be as late showing up for lunch as you were delivering your concession speech. It might be nice for Obama to make some sort of gesture to Mitt Romney. Maybe he could name him ambassador to the Cayman Islands. I just want to be there for that delicious moment when Obama accidentally talks over Mitt and then says “Oh I’m sorry... please proceed, Governor!” 

As we said, Republicans are attacking Susan Rice so that Obama will nominate John Kerry for Secretary of State. The remaining question for me: Is McCain & Co. acting on behalf of their long time Senate collegue John Kerry, the just ousted Scott Brown, or both?

And the latest paranoid rightwing conspiracy theory is that President Obama is going to try and get himself a third term. On a certain level, I’m glad they think that, if only because I know it must drive them up a wall. Note that I didn’t say “it must drive them crazy.” They went for that drive a long time ago.  

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11/29/2012 6:42PM
@RandiRhodes #RandiRhodes blog: Cliff Dancing
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