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@RandiRadio #RandiRhodes blog: The Home Stretch

by Randi Rhodes posted Nov 2 2012 4:05PM

The last jobless numbers before the election are out, and they should pose no danger of President Obama losing his job. We added a healthy 171,000 jobs (+184K private-sector / -13K public-sector) in October. Despite the job gains, the unemployment rate ticked up slightly by one-tenth of a percentage point, or as Republicans will undoubtedly say, “the bottom fell out of the job market!” The jobless rate inched up because encouraged job seekers began flooding the job market. So that slight uptick in unemployment was caused by economic success, not failure—and that’s one thing that Mitt Romney could change in a hurry.

President Obama heads into the final weekend of the campaign with a clear advantage... and perhaps the clearest advantage he has is that he is not Mitt Romney. The Obama campaign spent a lot of time and money early on defining Mitt Romney for swing state voters. And it helped a lot that Obama’s definition of Mitt Romney was completely accurate. Obama could air all of his negative ads about Romney early in the campaign, because they were all true. Obama didn’t have to worry about Romney debunking any of it, because none of it was bunk. On the other hand, Mitt has to dump all of his negative ads against Obama at the last minute—none of them are true, and he can’t give Obama time to point that out.

The Barack Obama/Chris Christie bromance continues. Now Obama has left New Jersey, so there are no more PDA’s. That’s probably a good thing.  I’ve heard the press corps shout all kinds of things during presidential appearances, but Obama’s appearance with Christie was the first time I expected someone to shout “Get a room!” If I liked Obama before this, I like him even more now. He’s with a man who clearly has some weight issues, but Obama totally sees past that.

If you don’t plan to vote, here’s a video of people who plan to vote for Mitt Romney that will scare you into getting to the polls. None of the Romney supporters that they talk to seems to know anything about what Romney’s plan is. That tells you one thing—Romney’s plan is working! One guy says “I can’t think of anything about Mitt Romney that I just don’t really like.” The feeling is mutual, my friend—Mitt Romney can’t think of anything about Mitt Romney that he doesn’t really like too!

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11/02/2012 4:11PM
@RandiRadio #RandiRhodes blog: The Home Stretch
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