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by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 16 2012 5:04PM

Debate tonight! I hope President Obama is spending the day practicing how to say “That is simply not true!” in a firm, yet presidential tone. Obama needs to assertive without coming off as being too aggressive. In other words, in the eyes of Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow, Obama needs to come off as just somewhat demented. This will be a “town hall” type event in which audience members will ask the candidates questions. Mitt is going to have a tough time relating to people… or at least to 47 percent of them.

When Mitt Romney says his record in Massachusetts shows that he was bipartisan, he’s lying. In fact, he was a “severely” partisan governor. As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt literally put up a velvet rope to keep people from walking into the governor’s offices. Was this guy running Massachusetts, or Studio 54? As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt issued over 800 vetoes—and 707 of them were overridden. So he wasn’t just a roadblock, he was a totally ineffective roadblock. At the end of Mitt’s term as governor, he had an unfavorable rating of 65 percent! Admittedly, Mitt was not a good fit for Massachusetts... but he’s an even worse fit for the United States of America.
Paul Ryan has been caught totally faking a photo op of him washing pots and pans at a soup kitchen. Paul Ryan stopped by the soup kitchen for 15 minutes on his way to the airport—after it had closed, and after all the cleanup had already been done. They’re just lucky it wasn’t Mitt—he would have shut the place down and moved it to China. The president of the organization in charge of the soup kitchen said “They did not have permission. They got one of the volunteers to open up the doors.” Is there a better metaphor for how Romney and Ryan want to treat the American people? Romney and Ryan want to get in by tricking us into opening the door—and then they want to do a bunch of stuff under the guise of helping people that only really benefits them!

Rudy Giuliani says that Mitt Romney “should be exploiting” the tragedy in Benghazi for political gain. Rudy, are you saying that from here on out, everything Mitt says should just consist of “a noun, a verb, and Benghazi”?

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10/16/2012 5:09PM
@RandiRadio #RandiRhodes blog: Rematch
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