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@RandiRadio #RandiRhodes blog: POTUS Smackdown

by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 17 2012 5:18PM

Wow! Last night President Obama showed up with a delivery for Mitt Romney. One carton of whup-ass! Sign here, Governor. I love it! At some point or other, Obama must have said every possible variation on “That just isn’t true” or “Little of what Governor Romney just said is true.” I thought that Obama was going to run out of ways to say that Romney was lying. Hey, when you’re stuck, there’s always “Malarkey!” Obama leapt to his feet every time it was his turn! Of course, Mitt was leaping to his feet, too—even when it wasn’t his turn. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot—it’s always Mitt’s turn. At the end, it really looked like the end of a boxing match—not only was Mitt Romney dazed, Obama was smiling so broadly that his teeth looked like he had a mouthpiece in.

Unfortunately for Mitt, the only time that he really drew was his own. Mitt Romney’s big “Aha!” moment turned into an “Uh oh!” moment. This is what happens when a “Gotcha!” goes terribly wrong! When Mitt challenged the President over his Libya statement in the Rose Garden, he was trying to set the President up for a fall, and didn’t even notice that he himself was standing over the shark tank! The best part was Mitt’s smarmy little raise of his eyebrows. It was like Mitt was saying “Now I have him just where I want him!” Here’s a clue, Mitt—in the movies, whenever the bad guy thinks “Everything is going according to my diabolical plan!” that means something very bad is about to happen to him.

Thank God that we’ve finally gotten a system in place where Mitt Romney gets fact checked to his face. It’s always nice to get the truth out there, but it’s so much more fun to watch Mitt’s reaction to it. Still, Mitt lied about immigration, contraception, deportation, and energy production... for starters. You can sift through tapes of the primary debates and come up with tape that shows Mitt Romney taking the exact opposite stand from most of what he said last night. The amazing thing is that Mitt is contradicting everything he told conservative voters for the past year. What do these people do—watch the TV and think “Oh, that’s OK—he’s lying.” Nobody in America doubts that Mitt Romney is lying. It’s just that conservatives actually comfort themselves with that thought.
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10/17/2012 5:26PM
@RandiRadio #RandiRhodes blog: POTUS Smackdown
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10/18/2012 8:30AM
It's not only China, Romney, Bain and Italy
I was checking into Bain's connection to Foxconn, and happened upon this:
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