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by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 19 2012 5:33PM
Last night President Obama and Mitt Romney took a break to deliver jokes at the Al Smith dinner (video). Mitt Romney isn’t very good at delivering jokes—he was much funnier the other night at Hofstra, when he was doing pratfalls. President Obama made a lot of jokes at his own expense, and Mitt Romney also made a lot of jokes at President Obama’s expense. You know that phrase “He’s not afraid to make fun of himself”? Well Mitt Romney is evidently terrified to make fun of himself. Mitt just copied the cadence of comedy and pretended that this was something he was comfortable doing. I have a feeling that’s the same way he approaches a conversation. Mitt did do a joke about the formal attire for the evening being what he and Ann wear around the house. He didn’t specify what house.

As Paul Krugman points out, Mitt is blatantly lying about his jobs plan, starting with his claim that he has a jobs plan.  Does Mitt Romney have a plan for jobs? No, Mitt has a plan for job—his job. Mitt thinks the mere fact of him being elected would cause confidence to soar and the economy to rebound. Mitt doesn’t provide solutions because he is convinced that he IS the solution.

Ann Romney took Mitt’s place on “The View.” According to Ann, the choice voters face is between reproductive rights and economic issues. It’s one or the other, ladies, so choose wisely! You can have control over your own body... or you can have a job—but you can’t have both. Oh, and that job will not pay the same as a man’s job. Ann divides the electorate into those who want abortions, and those who want economic freedom. For Ann, this election comes down to a battle between baby killers and job creators! Evidently the only way to guarantee a better future for your children is to have absolutely no control over how many children you have.

Jerome Corsi is travelling with Mitt Romney’s campaign on their airplane. Corsi is the guy from World News Daily, which covers “news” like the fact that President Obama is secretly a gay Muslim. So, the “World” in World News Daily is not the same world that normal people inhabit. Corsi claims that Obama is secretly gay. Corsi’s informant from the Chicago gay scene told him that Obama is “very much into older white guys.” Sounds to me like that’s more wishful thinking on Jerome Corsi’s part than anything else.

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10/19/2012 5:33PM
@RandiRadio #RandiRhodes blog: Jokes & Pokes
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