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@RandiRadio #RandiRhodes blog: Blood Sport

by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 15 2012 6:11PM

Republicans are trying to score political points off of the tragedy in Libya. Lindsay Graham said “The truth is we’re not safer. Al Qaeda is alive and counterattacking.” Lindsay, Al Qaeda is alive and counterattacking in Benghazi, Libya. When the last Republican was president, Al Qaeda was alive and counterattacking in lower Manhattan and the Pentagon. Mitt Romney is framing the Benghazi incident as a question of leadership. Who showed leadership, Mitt—the President, or the guy who mocked and criticized our embassy staff while the attack was still going on?
Conservatives are even comparing President Obama’s handling of the attack in Libya to President Bush’s handling of Iraq! Darrell Issa actually said “We’re going through a ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment.” OK, the day Barack Obama struts out on an aircraft carrier wearing a codpiece, that’s the day I start campaigning for Mitt Romney. This tells you the importance of having a Democrat as president—even Republicans know that the worst thing they can say about a president is that he’s doing the same stuff that a Republican president did. It’s one thing to resort to name calling—but the name they’re calling Obama is “Republican!” What’s the message here? “Don’t vote for him—he’s doing what we did!” If you really want to avoid a repeat of the Bush foreign policy mistakes—take a good look at whose campaign all of Bush’s former foreign policy advisors are working for.

Even Fox News has called out the Romney campaign on the “six studies” that Mitt always cites to support his mathematically impossible tax plan. This weekend, Chris Wallace confronted the Romney campaign’s Ed Gillespie about the studies. Chris Wallace has allowed dozens of Romney campaign untruths to go unchallenged, and then out of nowhere, he pounces on this one. This lie must feel like a speeder who gets singled out for a ticket when everybody on the freeway is driving 90 miles per hour.

Fox’s resident psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow says that last week’s debate shows Joe Biden may have dementia. I’m not a doctor, but how many seriously demented individuals win a political debate on national television... by beating the intellectual champion of the other side?

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10/15/2012 6:13PM
@RandiRadio #RandiRhodes blog: Blood Sport
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