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@RandiRadio #RandiRhodes blog: Bipartisan Bromance

by Randi Rhodes posted Nov 1 2012 3:05PM
President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie toured the flooded areas of New Jersey. Obama and Christie both had a job to do, and right now it’s the same job—which is to help the people of New Jersey. That contrasts with Mitt Romney—the only job he has ever had is to help Mitt Romney. Politicians get a bad rap, but give them this—when things go terribly wrong, politicians know they have to work together. CEO’s never really seem to grasp that lesson.

Christie and Obama were effusive in their praise for each other. Christie said more good things about President Obama yesterday than he did about Romney in his keynote speech at the Republican convention. In fairness to Christie, there are a lot more good things to say about Obama than there are about Romney. I’m glad Chris Christie is pleased with President Obama. He’s going to be working with him for another four years. And I’m sure Governor Christie is more than good with that. He knows that if Mitt Romney is elected President, after his first term, we wouldn’t see another Republican president in our lifetimes.

Maybe it’s a good thing for Mitt that he’s not planning to tour the disaster zones. It’s definitely a good thing for the people in the disaster zones! Mitt compared the relief efforts to when they had to clean up the high school football field after a big celebration. Great analogy, Mitt! Just how many people were still trapped on the football field? Mitt said that when the football field was dirty, they just lined people up every few yards, and everybody took a lane to clean up. Damage from Hurricane Sandy stretches from the Carolinas to New England—that’s a lot of lanes, Mitt. Still, I wouldn’t want to be the person whose lane included the pier with the amusement park that fell into the ocean in New Jersey. And some unlucky sucker is going to get stuck with the lane that includes the subways of lower Manhattan. I hope that person brought a bucket!

Mitt recalled that when victims of Katrina were flown to Cape Cod, the locals brought them food, clothing, and even TV sets. Mitt said that kind of giving was “the American way.” True. So is massive government intervention to do things like repair broken levees in Louisiana or rebuild boardwalks in New Jersey. It’s not that Americans aren’t generous. But all the TV sets in the world aren’t going to suck the seawater out of the New York City subway system.

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11/01/2012 3:11PM
@RandiRadio #RandiRhodes blog: Bipartisan Bromance
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