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by Mark Riley posted Apr 25 2013 1:00PM

I may be repeating myself, but we live in some twisted times, indeed. Or maybe I just didn't notice how strange things were back in the day. Few things in memory are as tragic and bizarre at the same time as the Boston Marathon bombings. To start, the avalanche of misinformation from Col Allan's New York Post, to John King's CNN is itself enough to boggle the mind. 

Yet in the days since the bombings it's the conduct of government agencies and elected officials that should give a sane person pause. What the American people have witnessed is a carnival of finger pointing and butt covering with regard to the older of the two Tsarnaev brothers who hatched the bomb plot that took three lives. All together now, which government agency had Tamerlan Tsarnaev on a terror watch list? Was it the FBI? The CIA? Both? Neither? And who are we to believe when it's reported to us?

These questions are being asked by lawmakers who apparently failed in their efforts (?) to get various law enforcement agencies to work together and share information. No matter. Right now it's C.Y.A. time inside the Beltway (in case you don't know, C.Y.A. stands for cover your a**) Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA have to explain how it was that the Russian government knew more about this guy's radical tendencies than they did in the USA, where he happened to be living?

And of course, politicians love to grandstand when they get the chance. That's why the whole enemy combatant frame was introduced on the Sunday talk shows, and had a three news cycle lifespan thus far (it may yet return). After all, criticizing government agencies publicly is a lot easier than trying to explain why they haven't used their offices to make the same agencies play nice with each other.

Some are even trying to blame President Obama for the Boston Marathon bombing. How you do that logically is beyond me. Maybe you can figure it out.

Can you?

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04/25/2013 1:00PM
CYA, Beltway Edition
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04/26/2013 12:28PM
CYA Journalism
Just because there is a 24 hour news cycle, doesn't mean that you have to be first, to get out a story, wheether it is true or not. By the way, do you remember when the NY Post used to be a good paper?
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