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'Tis The Season

by Randi Rhodes posted Dec 2 2013 10:59AM

Happy post-Thanksgiving! I hope you’re done recovering from overeating on Thursday and from any injuries that you received from shopping on Black Friday. It’s even tougher on people who go out and do the shopping craziness at the places that are open on Thanksgiving. They’ve got a belly full of turkey and stuffing, and then they have to wrestle somebody to get a big-screen TV.

Post-Thanksgiving gun buying has reportedly become a holiday tradition among some people. But then those are probably the people who buy guns at all of the times of the year. The number of calls for background checks for gun purchases sky-rockets on Black Friday every year. That gives a few more shades of meaning to the name “Black Friday.”

The Republicans are hell-bent on destroying Obamacare as a concept in the minds of the American people. Republicans and the rightwing media are just going to keep repeating the same slanders and false stories about Obamacare until people start believing them... that is, people beyond those who already believe everything the rightwing media tell them. They’re going to repeat their talking points so continuously that even the people who don’t believe their lies will still develop tinnitus.

Rush Limbaugh is angry at Pope Francis for criticizing the vast income inequality in the world today. Limbaugh thinks that Pope Francis went too far with the “common man” stuff. Well then, I’m guessing that Rush would REALLY hate Jesus Christ. Not to worry, Rush is never going to meet him.


Stuart Varney at Fox Business News also went after the Pope. Varney says that the Pope is criticizing capitalism because “he wants to influence my politics.” Yes, Stuart, I’m sure that’s true. The Pope wants you to be more mindful of the plight of the poor. But I’m sure you’ll be able to fight off any inclinations in that direction. Of course people who believe in predatory capitalism are going to have problems with Pope Francis. He named himself after St. Francis, the patron saint of the poor. After all, he’s not Pope Rand.

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12/03/2013 11:00AM
'Tis The Season
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