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#RandiRhodes blog: Trying Zimmerman

by Randi Rhodes posted May 31 2013 5:15PM

George Zimmerman’s lawyer defended his client last night on Al Sharpton’s show. The lawyer said the cops were right to let Zimmerman go the night of the killing because they didn’t have probable cause. Yes, in some circles, what happened between Trayvon and Zimmerman was just the way things are. And in even worse circles, what happened was the way things are AND the way things should be.

Sharpton asked the Zimmerman lawyer how Zimmerman could plead self-defense when he pursued Trayvon Martin. The lawyer said there was nothing to show that he did pursue Trayvon. Right... other than the fact that he caught up to him. George Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch wannabe hero. He wanted to chase down a “dangerous” teenage black intruder. What did Trayvon Martin want? Skittles and an ice tea, and he already had those.

Meanwhile, George Zimmerman’s defense fund is almost empty. His lawyers say that both they and several interns are working on the case without any pay. So inspiring! Americans are so generous—we’re always willing to pitch in for a bad cause. The attorneys say they need another $120,000 to defend Zimmerman, or at least $75,000 to give him a “fighting chance.” Gee, a “fighting chance” is more than Trayvon got.

Conservatives are conducting a war on food stamps. To be more accurate, they are conducting a war on food stamp recipients—I’m sure they would have no problem with food stamps if they could go to corporations. The GOP wants to pay giant agribusiness firms not to grow food, so I guess it makes sense for them to deny food to the poor. If there was more demand for food, then agribusiness might actually have to engage in agriculture.

One of Utah’s top gun lobbyists was arrested for threatening the family of his ex-wife with his two-and-a-half ton Army surplus vehicle. I guess my first question would be—is there a background check to buy one of those? Gun lobbyist Clark Aposhian drove onto the lawn of his ex-wife’s family with the vehicle, on which he had painted the words “Zombie Response Vehicle.” Aposhian is involved with a custody dispute with his ex-wife. He also seems to have some sort of unspecified beef with zombies.

Finally, Ann Romney is back on the TV giving interviews. Ann, one of the nicest things about Obama’s victory was that we thought we wouldn’t have to hear from you and Mitt anymore. Please don’t ruin it.

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05/31/2013 5:20PM
#RandiRhodes blog: Trying Zimmerman
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