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#RandiRhodes blog: The GOP is DOA

by Randi Rhodes posted Mar 21 2013 5:07PM
The GOP is DOA. LOL. I love that the Republican self-assessment immediately became known as an “autopsy.” Republicans used to have consultants. Now they have coroners. No more Frank Luntz for Republicans. Now they have Jack Klugman as “Quincy.” Conservatives say that changing the party’s message will alienate conservatives. So what? Where are they going to go—back to 1952? The autopsy is 97 pages long. It takes Republicans a lot of pages to say “We need to stop being idiots.” I guess it takes a long time to explain things to idiots. Here’s the conundrum: the Republicans need to attract other people into their party—and they despise everybody who is not already a Republican.

One day after Reince Priebus called for Republicans to bring more minorities into the party, the Arkansas Republicans passed a bill to suppress the minority vote. Yes, the Republicans want your vote—and if they can’t get it, they want to take it. Hey Reince, if you really want Republicans to appeal to minority voters, maybe you should tell Republicans.

At CPAC, Michele Bachmann gave a fact-free speech attacking Obama for the “lifestyle of excess” he supposedly lives at taxpayer’s expense. Bachmann claims that Obama’s lifestyle costs $1.4 billion a year to maintain. For the record, the Bush White House cost about $1.6 billion per year to maintain. Who knew that bicycle maintenance was so expensive? So the Bush White House cost $200 million more per year to run than the figure Bachmann cites for Obama—and George wasn’t even at the White House most of the time.

A town in Connecticut seems to be trying to match the ugliness of the Steubenville, Ohio case of rape by high school football players and blaming the victim. But Torrington, Connecticut has upped the ante by making the victims 13 years old. In Torrington the accused high school football players are 18, and the victims are 13. This rape case is to the Ohio rape case what Newtown was to Aurora. The crime is just as horrific, and everything is made worse by the fact that the victims are children.

The charges involve statutory rape, or as Todd Akin calls it, “non-legitimate rape.” Just like in Ohio, local students have flooded social media with support for the accused and further attacks on the victims. One person posted “If it takes two then why is only one in trouble?” Uh, murder takes at least two people as well, you know. Should we charge murder victims?

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03/21/2013 5:13PM
#RandiRhodes blog: The GOP is DOA
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