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#RandiRhodes blog: Harry's Law

by Randi Rhodes posted Mar 22 2013 7:19PM
The gun control measures that are going to the floor of the Senate will include a provision to expand background checks. I would hope—that’s what separates a gun control bill from a gun “control” bill. They claim that the provisions about assault weapons and clips didn’t have a chance. They keep talking about “political realities.” When political realities collide with basic reality, it’s time to reexamine your political priorities.

Yesterday Harry Reid said “any bill that passes the Senate must include background checks.” Harry Reid has finally drawn a line in the sand. And if you’re going to draw a line in the sand, you can’t be much safer than a line where you’re on the side with 90 percent of the American public. Thanks, Harry. I know your job is hard, but I’m thinking you could have drawn the line a little further than where you did—there’s a lot of sand there. Harry Reid’s job is extraordinarily difficult. That doesn’t mean that we can’t insist that he at least try to do it.

Congress is reacting to the gun control proposals the way they react to everything—they’re going on vacation. There hasn’t been a story about any kind of Congressional action in years that didn’t include the phrase “after Congress returns from break.”

While the Senate is at least trying to do something productive with the gun safety measures, the House continues to do pointless things like passing Paul Ryan’s fantasy budget. You idiots might as well be passing budgets for the Realm of Narnia. The House knows that the Ryan budget can’t go anywhere. All they’re doing with votes like this is telling their base “Hey look how crazy we are! We’re still with you!”

10 Republicans voted against Ryan’s budget. That doesn’t mean that there are 10 Republicans in the House who think the rest of them are crazy. Some don’t think the rest of them are crazy enough!

And President Obama has concluded his visit to Israel. It was nice to see President Obama in a biblical setting where he’s not playing Satan. People are already calling Obama’s speech in Jerusalem “historic.” The only time George Bush gave a speech that was historic, it was because he was standing in front of a banner that said “Mission Accomplished.”

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03/22/2013 7:22PM
#RandiRhodes blog: Harry's Law
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