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#RandiRhodes blog: Gun Lust

by Randi Rhodes posted Apr 12 2013 4:33PM
Joe Biden is telling it like it is on the weird psychosexual attraction a lot of gun nuts have for guns. That should really get them worked up... hopefully not in the way that guns get them worked up. Joe pointed out that a lot of the new breed of gun nuts don’t even hunt. He added that some people like AR-15’s because, to them, “it’s like driving a Ferrari.” The difference is that nobody ever took a Ferrari to an elementary school and killed 26 people with it.

Enough Republicans have relented that they will now actually allow us to debate gun control in the Senate. But the NRA has lined up cooperative Senators to introduce awful amendments deliberately intended to sink the amendment. They’re planning to intentionally attaching bad policy ideas to the bill. And when it comes to bad ideas, the NRA has a never-ending supply.

One amendment would require every state to honor the concealed-handgun permits of other states. Whatever state had the loosest and craziest gun laws would set the rules for the whole country. Under that provision, Connecticut would be forced to allow anybody who has a concealed gun permit in Florida or Kentucky or Alabama to carry a concealed weapon in Connecticut. The red states are trying to find a way to export crazy! This amendment would set up a system where the rules for everyone are made by the craziest and the most extreme. When you think about it, you realize that’s the conservative plan for governing in general.

Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema is comparing being gay with alcoholism. Hardly! For one thing, from what I’ve seen, being gay does wonders for your appearance. If alcoholism did for a person’s looks what being gay does, we could all quit the gym and just head to the bar. Agema was defending his homophobic Facebook posts that warn gay people about all the horrible things that happen to homosexuals. He didn’t mention that it’s people like him who are doing most of those horrible things.

Montana finally repealed its law against sodomy, which removes an embarrassment for Montana. But Montana Republicans wouldn’t let it go without providing new embarrassment. The things that some Republicans said during the debate on the sodomy law were so stupid that they should be outlawed in the Book of Leviticus. One Montana state rep said he had pledged his life to his wife and to Christ, and that voting to repeal the sodomy law would violate those pledges. Someone should explain to him that the sodomy law wasn’t specifically about sodomy committed by him. And sir, if your relationship to Christ is predicated on you denying other people the right to love each other, then you have a very dysfunctional relationship with Christ.

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Montana Republican Dave Hagstrom wants you to know that he “loves” homosexuals in spite of their “deviate” ways...
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04/12/2013 4:49PM
#RandiRhodes blog: Gun Lust
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