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#RandiRhodes blog: CPAC Freak Show

by Randi Rhodes posted Mar 14 2013 5:24PM

It’s going to be a wild weekend. CPAC begins today! This is the biggest concentration of crazy since the RNC! If insanity were contagious, CPAC would be the perfect opportunity to round up all those who have been infected. In the CPAC pecking order, Sarah Palin trumps Marco Rubio. Rubio only gets 11 minutes for his speech. Maybe they figure that’s how long he can go without reaching for a bottle of water. Sarah Palin gets 16 minutes. Of course Sarah Palin can go for 16 minutes without taking a breath.
Utah State Senator Scott Jenkins objected to allowing protective orders in cases where the couple was just dating because new couples often “roughhouse.” New couples “roughhouse”? Remind me never to date in Utah. On what date should you start the roughhousing? Second? Third? Should a boy meet a girl’s parents before he punches her?

The Family Research Council says we should “punish” people who have sex outside of marriage. I think there already is a punishment for people who have sex before they get married. It’s called marriage. The FRC’s Pat Fagan says that the 1972 Supreme Court ruling that made contraceptives available also allowed single people to have sex. I’ve got news for Pat Fagan—single people weren’t waiting for the green light from the Supreme Court to have sex. The Supreme Court did not give people free rein to have sex in the 70’s. Barry White did.

Conservatives are launching yet another conservative news network. They’ve already got Fox News. Isn’t one alternative reality enough? I hope there are enough lies to go around.  

In a big surprise to nobody, the new pope is against marriage equality, reproductive rights, and contraception. I think the technical term for someone with all of those beliefs is “Pope.” Face it, this is a 2,000 year old institution that tends to choose leaders who are in their 70’s. Whoever they pick, it’s not going to be Bernie Sanders. Of course the pope is going to be against contraception. The Catholic Church can’t go around to newly discovered continents forcibly converting everybody anymore. If they want new Catholics, they have to make them from scratch.

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03/14/2013 5:30PM
#RandiRhodes blog: CPAC Freak Show
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