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#RandiRhodes blog: Buh Bye Bachmann

by Randi Rhodes posted May 29 2013 5:50PM

Michele Bachmann has announced she will not seek reelection to her seat in the House . Michele made the announcement in a video. To her credit, she was facing the correct camera. Too bad she’s leaving—she was really starting to get the hang of this! Why not go all out and resign your House seat partway into your term, Michele? Do the “Full Palin”!

Bachmann said that the law prohibits a president from serving more than eight years, so she decided to call it quits after eight years. The difference is that most presidents actually do things during those eight years. Of course, she was wrong on the eight year limit for presidents. The 22nd Amendment says a president can’t be elected more than twice, or more than once if they served as president more than two years of a term that someone else was elected to. And Michele just got a headache. So you can serve just up to 10 years as president if you fill out two years of another president’s term, and then get elected twice yourself. I don’t expect Michele Bachmann to understand that, but then I don’t expect her to understand anything.

Michele was famous for calling for an investigation into what she thought were anti-American members of Congress. As it turns out her downfall was at least partially due to an investigation of her. The Office of Congressional Ethics is looking into Michele Bachmann. If they’re looking for ethics, they’re wasting their time. The inquiry is about whether Bachmann improperly used money from one of her PACs for her presidential campaign. That’s shocking! Who knew there were ANY rules left about what you could or couldn’t do in a campaign? Oh well—you know that if there are any rules at all left, that a Republican is going to break them. That’s what they do until they can rid of them.

Michele Bachmann’s reelection campaign was full-steam ahead less than two weeks ago. They were already running TV ads, well over a year before the election. What happened? My theory—the Liberace movie “Behind the Candelabra” got Michele to thinking about Marcus. She had a sudden realization, and now she can’t go on. I mean—if Liberace could fool everybody in the world, then maybe Marcus could too.

Glenn Beck says he is sick and tired of being labeled a conspiracy theorist. And of course, he has a theory about who is responsible for it. No, really—Glenn does have a conspiracy theory about being labeled a conspiracy theorist. Glenn has found the perfect way to make himself immune to satire—by actually being more ridiculous than any imaginable satire.

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05/29/2013 6:01PM
#RandiRhodes blog: Buh Bye Bachmann
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