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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Witch Hunters

by Randi Rhodes posted May 13 2013 5:29PM

It seems that the Republicans won’t stop until their attacks over Benghazi are as vicious as the attack in Benghazi. The Republicans would have you believe that the Obama administration altered the talking points on Benghazi out of political reasons. If you want a perfect example of the pure political manipulation that the Republicans are accusing Obama of, just look at what the Republicans are doing when they accuse him.

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates defended the Obama administrations reactions to the attack on Benghazi. Robert Gates served under George Bush—so this is a man who would recognize a serious mistake if he saw one. Gates said that the critics of Obama have “a cartoonish impression of military capabilities.” Cartoonish is right. They think that Obama should have reacted to the incident with the kind of contraptions that the Coyote used against the Roadrunner. We could have taught those terrorists a real lesson if we just had a giant rubber band and an anvil from Acme.

Conservatives are talking impeachment. They began their impeachment talk in mid-November of 2008. It just receded for a few months in 2012 when they thought they could get rid of Obama with an election. It turns out that they were completely delusional about their chances of beating Obama in an election—but that’s nothing compared to the delusions they have about impeachment. Conservatives have vowed to impeach Obama for anything and everything… and for nothing too! In the Republican mind, Obama should be impeached for being president. If black people all over America routinely get pulled over for “driving while black,” it seems that now the GOP wants to impeach Obama for being president while black.

Republicans who aren’t attacking Obama over Benghazi are attacking him over the IRS targeting Tea Party groups. Obama has condemned the actions of the IRS as “outrageous.” But not as outrageous as the Republican reaction to them. The person running the IRS at the time was a Bush appointee. That’s surprising… mostly because I can’t believe George Bush made a decent appointment to the IRS.

Finally, Michele Bachmann claimed that the attack in Benghazi was the judgment of God. Then why are you hassling Obama over it? If God is responsible for this, Michele, you should tell Darrell Issa to subpoena him.

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President Obama is clearly irritated by the ongoing politicization of Benghazi...

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05/13/2013 5:39PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Witch Hunters
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