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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: When Fox Attacks

by Randi Rhodes posted Mar 5 2013 5:09PM

After Congressman Keith Ellison had the temerity to stand up to Sean Hannity, Hannity has decided to turn his show into a vehicle to attack Ellison. Wait! Who’s going to attack everything President Obama does? Oh that’s right—everybody else on Fox News. Sean, you shouldn’t use your Fox show to launch a nasty personal vendetta. It’s supposed to be used to launch nasty political vendettas. No matter what Sean Hannity does, here’s one phrase you’ll never hear—“Sean, you’re too good for this.” He’s not. Another phrase you’ll never hear—“Why is Fox News allowing this?” There’s nothing Fox News won’t allow… except the truth. And that’s why they’re so worked up over what Keith Ellison said.
Dennis Rodman spent last week as the first American visitor to North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un. Then on Sunday, Rodman was with host Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice. Doesn’t Rodman spend time with anybody except madmen? Dennis has about two pounds of metal piercings hanging from his face. I not only wonder how he got to North Korea, I wonder how he gets through airport security anywhere.

In the wake of his startlingly racist comment about “racial entitlements,” Justice Antonin Scalia was being compared to Rush Limbaugh. The drawback to doing that is that it gives Rush Limbaugh an almost sexual thrill. Rush said “If I were Antonin Scalia I would be honored” to be compared to him. I couldn’t have a lower opinion of Antonin Scalia, but I’ll give him this much—he would be horrified to be compared to Rush Limbaugh. The only sense in which Scalia would be happy to be compared to Rush Limbaugh is in the sense that it would confirm for Scalia that he was really annoying people. In a curious moment, Rush called Scalia “One of the most well-endowed intellects in the Court’s history.” Well-endowed? Rush, have you had a peek under the robes?

A woman died in a California nursing home after a nurse refused to give her CPR because it was against the rules of the retirement home. Who wrote the rules for this retirement home—Jack Kervorkian? On the 911 tape, the 911 dispatcher is begging the nurse to perform CPR, but she refuses. Somebody should tell that nurse that if this was how she was going to handle this, she shouldn’t have called 911. She just should have called the county coroner.
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03/05/2013 5:15PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: When Fox Attacks
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