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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Union Buster

by Randi Rhodes posted Dec 12 2012 6:18PM

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says that his states right-to-work law is not anti-union. Gee Rick, then maybe you can explain to virtually every union member and supporter in the world—they seem to have it backwards. Snyder said “I don’t believe this is actually anti-union. If you look at it, I believe this is pro-worker.” Have Republicans ever promoted a policy that they didn’t have to lie about? Or even one that they didn’t have to claim did the exact opposite of what it actually does!

Fox News is endlessly playing video of union demonstrators in Michigan supposedly tearing down a tent set up in the middle of the protests by the conservative group Americans for Progress. This tent is getting more Fox News airplay than anything since the new Black Panthers. But before the collapse of the tent, witnesses saw AFP members going around the tent and loosening the straps of the tent. That couldn’t have taken too long. They’re conservatives and Republicans—everybody knows they don’t have a big tent. If this video was eligible for an Oscar, it would give “The Hobbit” competition in the category of visual special effects. So AFP employees were out there, goading angry union protesters, and staging the collapse of a tent that some of them were inside of. That’s dangerous work. They’d have some safety standards, if that was a union shop.

Several prominent conservatives have recently leveled the charge that conservatism is a racket to make money. The people in the conservative entertainment complex aren’t concerned about filling Congress with conservatives. They’re concerned with filling their pockets with cash. They don’t care about elections—they care about ratings. And a lot of times those ratings are better when you lose elections.

One example is Dick Morris, who is sucking money out of conservatives with even more passion than he sucks the toes of hookers. This last election, Dick Morris used his Fox News media platform to fundraise for a Super PAC that funneled money to Morris through Newsmax for the rental of his mailing list. So Dick Morris might not be very good at predicting elections, but he’s absolutely brilliant at fleecing sheep.

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12/12/2012 6:17PM
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