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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: The Resistance

by Randi Rhodes posted Jan 11 2013 4:08PM

The NRA issued a snotty statement attacking the Vice President and the gun task force that they just met with. I guess when you’re armed all the time, you just get used to saying whatever the hell you feel like saying. The NRA said they came to have “a meaningful conversation about school safety, mental health issues, the marketing of violence to our kids and the collapse of federal prosecutions of violent criminals.” Wow. That’s about everything... except for guns. Hello! You’re the National RIFLE Association. The gun control task force didn’t invite you to hear your opinions about “the marketing of violence to our kids.” It seems the NRA thought they were being asked their opinion on how to reign in those video games that the shooter in Newtown used to kill all those kids.

James Yeager, the gun lunatic who threatened to “start killing people” over improved background checks is back with a second video. Guy, the sequels for these “shoot ‘em up’s” are never any good. Didn’t you see what happened to the “Rambo” franchise? Next we’re going to have “Start Killing People III,” where James Yeager has a cage-fight match with a character based on Eric Holder. As someone who earnestly wants to see public opinion support gun control legislation, I have two things to say to James Yeager. First, thank you for being online. Secondly, you can go away now.  

While James Yeager rants about killing people, Judge Andrew Napolitano is telling Fox News viewers that the Second Amendment gives them the “right to shoot tyrants. Andrew Napolitano is just James Yeager with a tie instead of tattoos. It’s scary to think James Yeager is out there making up credentials for himself. It’s even scarier to realize that Judge Andrew Napolitano really was judge. Napolitano told Fox viewers the Second Amendment was “written to protect your right to shoot tyrants if they take over the government.” He did everything except hold a picture of Obama with a bull’s-eye on it. My God, this “Judge” essentially has the same advice to mentally unhinged people as James Yeager does: time to start shooting people! Hey Judge Napolitano, who makes the determination that the people running the government are “tyrants”? For most of the Second Amendment nuts out there, that line was crossed when we elected the black guy. After he tells people they have a legal right to shoot any officials that they deem to be “tyrants,” Napolitano says “How about chewing on that one?” It’s like he’s telling them to stew in their bunkers until they work up the courage to do it! The target audience for Fox News used to just be angry old white guys. Now it’s Travis Bickle.

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01/11/2013 4:09PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: The Resistance
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