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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: POTUS with the Mostest

by Randi Rhodes posted Feb 13 2013 6:03PM

Now that was a State of the Union Address that really included the “state of the union” part. Obama told Republicans the way things are! And more importantly, he told them how things are going to be. In one beautiful moment, Obama gave a shout out to a climate change bill once pushed by John McCain! McCain grinned, but you could tell he was mad. That will all just come out at somebody else at a confirmation hearing a year from now, and nobody will know why Grandpa is so angry.

The President said every child should have high-quality pre-school. Republicans are not going to want to provide pre-school for young kids. Now if there was a way to provide pre-pre-pre-school to fetuses, they’d be all for it! Obama proposed a bipartisan commission to look into the problems with voting. It would be good to have Republicans involved—they understand this problem. Heck, they designed it! Obama said “We can fix this.” That was a very diplomatic way to put it. He could have just said “Republicans need to stop doing this.” The crescendo of the speech came when the President spoke about gun violence. The President made a strong case for gun control when he pointed out all the people in the chamber who had been harmed by gun violence. He probably could have made an even stronger case if he had pointed out Ted Nugent.

Marco Rubio’s rebuttal speech was a real stretch. Bada boom! The only thing that came off worse than Marco Rubio lunging for a drink of water was when Rubio was actually speaking. Marco, next time, just drink water the entire time. You can try to talk while you’re doing it. It’ll be better if people can’t understand what you’re saying anyway. Rubio’s entire presentation was shaky, sweaty, and frightened-looking. I’ve seen hostage videos where the people on camera looked more comfortable.

Rubio made a big deal that he still lives in a blue-collar West Miami neighborhood home. He didn’t mention that he’s trying to sell it for $675,000. Rubio said “Mr. President, I still live in the same working class neighborhood I grew up in.” When you know the real story, you realize that isn’t a boast—it’s a complaint! “Thank God I’m getting out. Hello Georgetown!”

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Note: Dorner Manhunt: An unconfirmed recording purportedly of police scanner chatter indicates that cabin fire may have been intentionally set by law enforcement (more info)

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02/13/2013 6:02PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: POTUS with the Mostest
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