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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Mr. Speaker

by Randi Rhodes posted Jan 3 2013 6:51PM

BREAKING: John Boehner has been reelected Speaker of the House, nine Republicans defect.

President Obama signed the fiscal cliff bill into law via autopen from Hawaii where he is on vacation. Wait a minute! There’s a presidential autopen? Don’t tell Grover Norquist. He already thinks that all he needs in a president is enough working digits to sign things. Now he won’t even want that much. The presidential autopen has been around since the administration of George W. Bush. You kind of know why they wanted one then—with an autopen, you don’t have to worry about Bush misspelling his name. “George” is not easy for Bush to spell. For that matter, neither is “W.”

Yesterday, Chris Christie came down hard on John Boehner for blowing off the vote to provide relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy (video below). Shortly after Christie’s diatribe, John Boehner scheduled a half-assed fix to provide interim relief for Sandy victims. Boehner said he will hold a vote on $9 billion of the relief package on Friday, and on the remaining $51 billion on January 15th. See that, John? You tried to avoid doing something, and now you have to do it twice.
Boehner did allow a bunch of other bills to go through on New Year’s Day, even as he killed Hurricane Sandy relief. John Boehner thinks it’s more important to rename post offices than it is to rebuild New York and New Jersey. How dumb is John Boehner that he didn’t anticipate the massive outcry? But then heavy drinkers aren’t the best people in the world when it comes to weighing consequences. Otherwise there would be no such thing as “drunk dialing.”
Conservative groups like the Club for Growth had been pressuring House Republicans to vote against Hurricane Sandy Relief. The Club for Growth? What kind of growth do they want—the growth of mold in waterlogged homes? Americans for Prosperity also opposes funding for hurricane relief in New York and New Jersey. I guess that the billionaires who fund Americans for Prosperity all own penthouses in New York. They’re all dozens of stories above the damage. AFP’s biggest funder is David Koch, who has a nice place on the Upper East Side... the operative word being “Upper.”

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01/03/2013 6:56PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Mr. Speaker
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