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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Missing the Point

by Randi Rhodes posted Mar 18 2013 5:40PM

This weekend two high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio were convicted in a high-profile rape case. It was a tragic story, though to some people the tragic part was evidently more the judgment than the crime...

Reaction to the judgment was predictable. Given the way football players are treated in a town like this, the crime itself was predictable. The CNN report when the verdict was announced seemed more concerned about the fate of the rapists than the girl who was raped. CNN, we know you’re hurting for ratings, but Steubenville is a very small town. Poppy Harlow, the CNN reporter on the story, described the rapists as young men with “promising futures, star football players, very promising students.” If you didn’t know that a rape conviction was being reported, you would think these kids were in a car wreck.

If CNN was callous, was crass, as you would expect. CNN lost track of what the real story was. It’s Breitbart’s job to obscure what the real story is. Breitbart blamed the media for the verdict. You know who is usually most to blame for a verdict? The perpetrators. Breitbart bemoaned “the impact on the residents of Steubenville.” The impact of the rape on the rapists… the impact of the rape on the town... eventually will someone consider the impact of the rape on the rape victim?

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin seemed to be playing this weekend’s CPAC for laughs. Sarah, this is perhaps the only gathering on earth that would take you seriously. You can get laughed at anywhere! During her speech, Sarah also took a big drink out of a Big Gulp soft drink and said “Bloomberg is not around. Our Big Gulp is safe.” Sarah, you already can’t seem to pause for a breath when you’re talking—I don’t want to see you on a sugar high.

Rand Paul won the presidential straw poll this year at CPAC. Hey, that and a couple bucks will get you a 24-ounce sugary soft drink. Rand Paul won, with 25 percent of the vote. He’s got a bright future... if he only runs in races where 25 percent is enough to win. Paul narrowly edged out Marco Rubio. Great—the guy who had to stop his filibuster to pee beat the guy who had to pause his speech to get a sip of water. The main GOP contenders all seem to have problems with hydration.

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03/18/2013 5:45PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Missing the Point
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