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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Let's Do The Right Thing

by Randi Rhodes posted Jan 16 2013 5:32PM

President Obama announced his proposals for dealing with gun violence today (video below). This is the biggest push for sensible gun control in more than a generation—and it’s designed to give members of the next generation a better chance of survival. Obama is putting a ban on assault rifles, limits on high-capacity magazines, and tougher background checks all on the legislative agenda. But this Congress doesn’t approve of curbs on any type of weapon—they’ll even use the debt ceiling as a weapon. The President is hoping that public opinion has swung in favor of gun control. And nobody is working harder on making that happen than the NRA...  
The NRA is out with an ad attacking President Obama’s daughters. Seriously. The NRA never has to worry about people spreading lies about them. Nobody could come up with anything that’s worse than the things they actually do. The ad is called “Stand and Fight.” Congratulations, NRA members—you are standing and fighting schoolgirls. I guess on a sick level, this makes sense. The NRA attacks Obama’s children as part of a campaign to protect people who want the same weapons used to slaughter children. The ad asks “why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools?” Obama’s kids are protected by armed guards wherever they go—mostly because of incendiary attacks on his family like this one!

A neighbor of the Newtown school who helped children on the day of the massacre is being harassed by conspiracy theorists who think the event was staged by “crisis actors” to sway public opinion against guns. You know it’s odd that you never see any of these “crisis actors” in anything else. You would think they would pop up on “CSI” or “Law and Order” sometime. “Hey look—it’s a guy from the Virginia Tech shooting. He’s on ‘Homicide’ playing a pimp!” I guess crisis actors have to vow only to appear in faked crisis events. Do you think there are a lot of actors out there who would make that career choice? The thing is, you can only be a crisis actor in one staged crisis, too! We can’t be seeing the same guy running from the World Trade Center, playing a teacher at Columbine, and then being the neighbor at Sandy Hook. So these crisis actors get exactly one role (with no credits, SAG benefits, or residuals) in their lifetime. That’s too bad, because from what I’ve seen, they’re the best actors in the world!

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01/16/2013 5:31PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Let's Do The Right Thing
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01/29/2013 4:52PM
why has obama done NOTHING
President Obama could ban the import of these weapons and magazines today without congress. President Bush (daddy) and Clinton both did it. So far Obama has done nothing but talk! Show some leadership and ban the importation of these things! 
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