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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Just Shut Up

by Randi Rhodes posted Feb 11 2013 5:27PM

The Pope says he’s going to resign because he’s getting to resign because he’s getting too old for the job. I didn’t know you could get too old for that job! That’s like saying somebody is too dumb to be Governor of Texas—it doesn’t happen.
Lindsey Graham says that he will block President Obama’s nominations unless the President provides more information about Benghazi. Thanks for keeping it classy, Lindsey. Why don’t you also ask for another birth certificate? Lindsey used the phrase “no confirmation without information.” Lindsey, you’re the last person who should be scolding anyone for keeping anything hidden! Graham is demanding more information about the President’s actions on the night of the attack. I can guarantee this much—he wasn’t sitting in front of a grade school class reading “My Pet Goat” aloud.

Dick Cheney is attacking President Obama’s nominees for his national security team. But then the only person Dick Cheney can come up with when asked for his opinion is usually Dick Cheney. We all know what Dick Cheney looked for in the people he chose to work under him. He just wanted somebody like Scooter Libby who was willing to take the rap for him. Give Dick Cheney this much—the Bush administration had people working for them who were able to warn them in advance of Osama bin Laden’s plans to attack the US. Cheney and Bush did nothing about it, but they did manage to pick people who told them that.

Geraldo Rivera is considering running for a Senate seat from New Jersey—as though New Jersey doesn’t have to deal with enough mockery already. Geraldo isn’t quitting his day job at Fox News. I think Geraldo has it backwards. Look at Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum. First you fail as a candidate, then you go to Fox News… not the other way around. There aren’t a lot of cases of a journalist becoming a Senator. And this isn’t going to be one either. For one thing, Geraldo is not going to become a Senator. And for another thing, he’s no journalist.
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02/11/2013 5:30PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Just Shut Up
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